New Genes Which Shape Our Faces Found

face gene

Scientists at Erasmus MC-University Medical Center in Rotterdam Netherlands recently found several genes which are responsible for a portion of the shape of our face.  The research focused mostly on the upper face and the nose and did not examine the lower face.  While these genes represent are a beginning point in understanding of how the face and genes responsible for it are formed, the face as would expected, is much harder to understand than the location of 5 genes.  There are many genes which are tied to each other in a complex multfactorial arrangement.

The implications of this research are that DNA may play a larger role in identifying criminals based on creating a face by any DNA left at the crime scene.  In a Brave New World context, gene manipulation could at some point allow prospective parents to eliminate genetic diseases and even reshape faces.  Obviously, this is rife with ethical dilemmas.

For now, if you are unhappy with your natural facial features you can blame your genes.  But, at least there is plastic surgery.

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