Glam & Diabetes

Glam & Diabetes
Did you know that your manicure or hairspray can predispose you to diabetes?

A recent study hints that products containing phthalates could lead to diabetes.

Bad news for the well manicured: If the cosmetics you slather yourself with contain phthalates, you may be more likely to get type 2 diabetes. A new study finds a link between the man-made chemicals—which can mimic human hormones and are found in everything from nail polish to shampoo to hairspray—and the disease. Women ages 20 to 80 were studied, and those whose urine contained the highest concentration of the chemicals were almost twice as likely to have diabetes as those with the lowest concentrations.

Researchers hypothesize that phthalates might mess with the metabolism of fat tissue, thus leading to insulin resistance, often a precursor to diabetes. But your self-tanner and moisturizer may not be doing all the damage: The researchers did note that phthalates aren't exclusively used in cosmetics; you'll find them ineverything from vinyl flooring to food packaging to toys. You can tell if your favorite products contain phthalates by reading the ingredients listed!

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