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Vegan shepherd's pie recipe for St. Patrick's Day

Well hello there friends! I was trying my darnedest to get my new Plant. Strong. Diva. 2.0 site up and running before sharing this awesome vegan shepherd’s pie recipe with you, but as time would have it, I ran out.  Now, I didn’t want to leave you hanging without this amazing vegan shepherd’s pie recipe,... Read more »

Daiya Foods cooking demo at San Franciso Green Fest was a blast

Now that I am back and slightly rested from my busy San Francisco trip, I wanted to let you all know that the Green Festival and Daiya Foods cooking demo was a blast! I have updated my Facebook page with pictures that showcase how much fun I had demonstrating my creamy holiday spinach and artichoke... Read more »

The Chicago Diner celebrates Meatless "Mon-Daiya" the month of October

You may be thinking, duh, of course The Chicago Diner celebrates Meatless Monday. They celebrate Meatless Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday too! Meatless Mon-Daiya is different. It is a special promotion that The Chicago Diner is running with Daiya Foods to promote their delicious house made meatless entrees that feature the Daiya cheese products. But that’s... Read more »

20 minute Vegan Lobster Roll recipe for Meatless Monday and every day

Lobster Rolls are sweeping the nation. They are creamy, tasty and definitely trendy. I am the first to admit that replacing the succulent flavor that freshly boiled live lobsters bring to a plate is hard to imitate. However, if you are like me and cannot bear the thought of boiling a live creature to it’s... Read more »

Ten reasons why you should participate in Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday has become an international phenomenon, but is it just a trend? It is said that around 18% of American households participate in Meatless Monday and here are ten reasons why you and your family should participate in Meatless Monday too. 1. You can go one day without meat. It won’t kill you. Come... Read more »