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The Chicago Diner celebrates Meatless "Mon-Daiya" the month of October

You may be thinking, duh, of course The Chicago Diner celebrates Meatless Monday. They celebrate Meatless Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday too! Meatless Mon-Daiya is different. It is a special promotion that The Chicago Diner is running with Daiya Foods to promote their delicious house made meatless entrees that feature the Daiya cheese products. But that’s... Read more »

Veggie Fest 2013 to take place in Naperville this weekend

After a very successful showing in 2012, with over 25,000 visitors, Veggie Fest is coming back to Naperville this weekend.  Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian or simply into good food and health, clear your calendars for Naperville’s 2013 Veggie Fest. The festival is free to attend and with the weather cooperating like it has... Read more »

Top places in Chicago to eat plant strong at that aren't necessarily vegan or vegetarian.

As some of you may know, I have been privileged with the opportunity to contribute to Chicago Eater as a voice from the plant based community. My first contribution for them involved a roundup of twelve places in Chicago that diners could eat veg at, but that are not necessarily vegan or vegetarian by day... Read more »

Ten reasons drinking milk does N0T do a body or anybody good.

This morning I got to thinking about why milk does not do a body, or anybody, for that matter, good. Being the Plant Strong Diva that I am, I felt compelled to share a top ten list of reasons for why drinking milk is no good. For anyone. Including our planet. I have collected facts... Read more »

Ten reasons why you should participate in Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday has become an international phenomenon, but is it just a trend? It is said that around 18% of American households participate in Meatless Monday and here are ten reasons why you and your family should participate in Meatless Monday too. 1. You can go one day without meat. It won’t kill you. Come... Read more »