11 reasons traveling for business is not as glamorous as you may think

It's 8:30 pm on a Tuesday and I haven't slept in my own bed for eleven nights. Tonights dinner consisted of crappy Asian food in terminal D, which subsequently left me with a horrible stomach ache. I told myself I wouldn't drink tonight in an effort to clean up my diet, but true to form I ordered a glass of Chardonnay. All I can think about right now is snuggling up next to my husband and waking up in my own bed tomorrow morning.

The clock couldn't tick any slower.

I am traveling in coach, as I usually do, and the man to my left has the volume so loud in his ear buds that it's difficult to concentrate on anything else. As the discomfort in my belly increases and the sleepiness prevails, I remind myself that life can be much worse, but I am ready to be home. This got me thinking about how I used to envy my friends that traveled for work. What a glamorous life they have, I would think. Wining and dining across the country and sometimes abroad.

While there are definite perks to traveling, this post is strictly dedicated to the not-so-pleasant aspects about traveling for business. I'm sure I will write a list in support of traveling for business, but I'll save that for another date. Until then, here are the 11 reasons traveling for business sometimes blows.

11 reasons traveling for business is not as glamorous as you think

1. You are often bloated. From eating out for almost every meal and not being on your "regular schedule" (if you catch my drift). Bloating is not uncommon on the road and it especially sucks when you are bloated on an airplane with nowhere to decompress.

2. You develop bags under your eyeballs. After the second night in a hotel, you develop dark circles and mini bags under your eyes from sleeping like hell in a not-so-comfy bed that isn't your own. Tossing and turning through the night isn't uncommon and running on almost empty becomes the norm.

3. It's hard to keep your figure in tact. Between a lack of quality sleep, eating out for each meal and drinking a heck of a lot more then you would at home, it all adds up. The result?  A not so trim you.  No matter how much you try,  it's nearly impossible to eat as clean as you do at home. Restaurants, even the healthy ones, sneak in a lot of hidden calories.

4. Flight delays and cancellations. They suck. Need I say more?

traveling for business

cot provided by United Airlines

5. Your house is in complete disarray upon your return. And your plants are dead. Crap.

6. It's tough on your family. Your spouse probably enjoys the break, but your children miss you. Your dog probably does too.

7. You lose stuff. Things seem to disappear when you are on the road. Jewelery goes MIA, clothes, purses, wallets and even shoes. It's expensive traveling.

8. You miss out on social events at home. You can't commit to a weekly sports league or that Bunko club you've been wanting to join. It's nearly impossible since your schedule changes each week.

9. Life goes on without you.  Your family has busy lives and they don't stop once you enter the door. Schedules are made and committed to and you may be left in the dust.

10. You get stir crazy when you have been at home for an extended period of time. This may seem contradicting to all of the previous points, but for some reason, it just happens. Being content isn't the norm. You get used to a constant change of scenery and eating out each night.

11. You are frequently sick. Airports and airplanes are like incubators for germs. Your body is warn out and the person sitting next to you has a runny nose and is constantly sneezing. You wake up the next day with a sore throat and cold, only to find your feeling better next week when your back where you started. Sitting in coach.

What are a few reasons why you think traveling for business can just suck? Drop me a line below.

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