Mellow Mushroom to launch vegetarian and vegan menu this summer

I have some exciting information for all of you veggie lovers out there! This is breaking information. You are literally the first to know, so be sure to share with your peeps!

After a recent visit to Mellow Mushroom's Headquarters in lovely Atlanta, Georgia, I learned that they are working on a new all vegetarian and vegan menu! There may even be some feature vegan items with Daiya Cheese as the savory star!

Not familiar with Mellow Mushroom? Mellow Mushroom is a groovy pizza concept that started in the 1970's. Each of their 167 (and growing) locations is set in a unique space and offers a trippy vibe. Think Pink Floyd meets Willy Wonka. If that isn't trippy, I don't know what is!

Mellow's pizza dough and sauce is made in house and is naturally vegan (without the addition of their buttery sauce spread on the finished crust). They already offer multiple vegan and vegetarian options for their pizzas, salads and hoagies, but the addition of a new vegetarian and vegan menu will make Mellow Mushroom that much cooler (in my humble opinion). 

For you gluten free fanatics, Mellow offers a fabulous gluten-free pizza dough option as well. For those that can have gluten, be sure to order one of their craft brews which include local favorites to accompany your veggie pie.

Unfortunately Mellow Mushroom is not in Chicago (BOO!), but if you make a trip a tad south of Chicago, be sure to check out one of their locations. Oh, and order an extra slice of the Mega Veggie with Daiya for me!

Have you been to a Mellow? What do you think?

Peace love and all things green!

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