3 Minute No Sugar Added Blackberry Chia Fresca

Why not take a three minute investment for your health this morning?  Now, you can have your chia and eat (well drink) it too. This quick recipe is inspired by my love/hate relationship with this tiny nutrient powerhouse, also known as the chia seed.

Chia gels up when in liquid and until lately, I have been sprinkling chia on my breakfast cereal each morning. I wasn't loving the gelatinous texture that my morning bowl of cereal was turning into, so I decided to throw some chia in a blender, add some frozen blackberries (that I had stocked up on from the local produce market a month ago) and blend it up. The result? A refreshing blackberry chia fresca that was easy to gulp down.

Blackberry Chia Fresca in the making

Blackberry Chia Fresca in the making

I won't get into all of the crazy health benefits of the chia seed today. Instead you can check out this video and it will tell you ALL about the nutritional benefits of the chia seed. You actually may have a "Chia PHD" after watching this 9 minute flick, but to sum it up, chia is truly a super food. If you need stronger nails, have chia. Need more endurance for your workouts? Eat chia. Need more omega three's? Eat chia. Okay, you get the point, now onto the recipe.

Blackberry Chia Fresca
Good for one week of morning Chia Frescas

Beautiful Chia Fresca

Beautiful Chia Fresca

1/4 cup black or white chia seed (they both taste the same and have the same nutritional benefits)
3 cups water
2 cups black berries, frozen or fresh

Blend until smooth
Serve and enjoy your tasty omega 3's and protein packed endless chia energy!

Hint: Add fresh basil for refreshing twist!

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