Ten reasons why you should participate in Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday has become an international phenomenon, but is it just a trend? It is said that around 18% of American households participate in Meatless Monday and here are ten reasons why you and your family should participate in Meatless Monday too.

1. You can go one day without meat. It won't kill you. Come on...I know.. I know.... just give it a try. It may actually make you feel better!

2. It is something different and fun to do with your family. Get the kids involved in cooking without meat. Heck, you won't have to worry about them under cooking your dinner or spreading harmful bacteria across your kitchen.

3. It costs less money to make a meal without meat (or dairy). You can feed a lot more people with 1 lb of grain and vegetables then 1 lb of meat.

4. It is better for your health. Eating plant based is great for your blood and heart. There is zero cholesterol in plant based foods and eating high fiber, plant based foods actually scrapes the bad cholesterol (LDL) out of your arteries. Mother Nature is amazing isn't she? (For more information on this topic please check out my plant based diet tracking video here)

5. Eating meatless is better for our planet! The Earth is in serious jeopardy from greenhouse gas emissions that are a main contributor to global warming. Guess what one of the top contributors to greenhouse gasses is? That's right, the mass production of animals for food. (For more info on the link of eating meat and our planet click here)

6. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to eat clean after a weekend full of late night tacos and binge drinking would it? I'm just saying.....Jump start your week with vegetables and heart healthy grains.

7. You will be making a difference. Think of it as your charitable contribution for the week. If more Americans choose to eat Meatless on Monday's, and every day of the week for that matter, we could feed more food to the poor, restore our planet and provide more clean water to people without. The production of meat is a huge drainer of our aquifers and natural water resources.

8. You are saving lives of innocent, cute, emotional animals. Look at this guy. Who would want to eat that little face?

Don't eat me or my mommy

Don't eat me or my mommy

9. It can be an excuse to try a new cuisines such as Indian, Thai, Chinese or Middle Eastern, which traditionally have a lot of plant based, vegetarian recipes and offerings on restaurant menus.

10. You will feel lighter and more energized for the rest of your week. You may even want to get off the couch, go outside and play with your kids after you eat!

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-Plant Strong Diva


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  • I agree with you. I've been doing a Meatless Monday feature on my blog for about a year now. I have changed the way I've eaten since I began MM as I love cooking with fresh, natural ingredients.
    Follow along here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ups-and-Downs-of-a-Yoga-Mom/

  • Thanks @Yoga Mom! I have enjoyed reading some of your posts as well. Share the veggie love!

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