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Donald Trump and DEFCON 1

Remember the 80’s movie, War Games?  How the so-called “DEFCON” – defense readiness condition – went from 5 (peace) to 1 (damn-near global thermonuclear war) due to the fuckings-around of one person? This day, my babies – Trump-wise – we are at DEFCON 1. Today, Donald Trump garnered the delegates he needs to snag the... Read more »

Caitlyn Jenner and Doctor Who

With all the cacophony over Bruce Jenner’s unveiling of his new bad self, Caitlyn, in the recent Vanity Fair cover story and on the E! Network’s I Am Cait, I probably don’t need to chime in … oh, what the hell …. I read the Vanity Fair piece and pored over Annie Leibovitz’s (as-always) brilliant photographs.  My first impression was... Read more »