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Patsy Cline redux - on the 56th anniversary of her death

(I don’t normally do this, my babies, but I’m offering today a post I wrote two years ago,  in commemoration of the death of the one and only Patsy Cline. I was going to write something new for “my girl,” but found that this one still resonates. So crank up some Patsy on You Tube... Read more »

What I did on my 3-week pneumonia-cation

Tomorrow I return to work after a three-week dance with pneumonia. If I may, a bit of advice for you, my babies. GET. A. PNEUMONIA. VACCINE! As you can guess from the all-caps, I did not.  Sure, I got my flu vaccine per usual last fall, but for some stupid reason, the pneumonia vac just... Read more »

'Scuse me while I disappear

Planet Michelle is taking a break. Lots of reasons; let’s just say I’m on input-overload. Blogging has mainly been a terrific experience and I intend to return to it.  Unfortunately, it also attracts bullies like flies to shit.  I’m weary of having to deal with an imperious few who have forgotten how to play nice... Read more »

8 things about me that few people know - well, until now

I have ridges on my scalp.  Picture these, but a lot smaller and not nearly so many. Thank God I am blessed with a SHITLOAD of hair.
We all have things about ourselves that we keep hidden – perhaps out of fear, or in embarrassment, or simply in the interest of just being a private soul.  I actually am a private soul, but sometimes it’s freeing to let a few horsies out of the barn.  So here’s eight from my herd. (And... Read more »

My 30-day Peter Cetera Challenge - Day 1 - Beginnings

Some of you may be thinking that, on the surface, this challenge seems a little weird.  So let’s begin by explaining why Peter Cetera is worthy of it. First, he was an original member of one the best rock bands in history – Chicago. He’s a tremendous bass player.  He’s got an instantly-recognizable, indelible voice.  He’s... Read more »

A Mother's Day letter to Philomena, my Parkinson's-fighting, stainless-steel mom

Dear Mom, First, I know you’re lovin’ that I used your given name in a post! Sorry, I still like it better than your “pen” name. It was the name of your paternal grandmother (and my great-grandmother), a woman left behind in Italy whom neither of us ever met.  Your name is all we have... Read more »

Barry Manilow is GAY!

Beloved, uber-talented music icon Barry Manilow today came out as gay. And in other news ….. Roses are red. The sky is blue. Trump is a jackass. Basketball players are tall. Loaded guns are dangerous. The Pope is Catholic. Tom Hanks is a great actor. Mammals have hair and breathe air. Clapton plays a mean... Read more »

A letter to President Trump, from President Obama's 11-year old friend on his behalf

Dear New President Trump, President Obama called me up and asked me to write you a letter, since he was busy packing and stuff.  He told me to say what was on my mind.  We are friends so it’s OK. My name is Michelle.  I am 11 and a half.  I live in a house... Read more »

The Ballad of Clinton and Trump (terse verse for an election, the worst)

I’m feelin’ poetic today, my babies …. and possibly, a little nauseous …. The Ballad of Clinton and Trump Repubican candidate Trump Whose very own party, he stumps Tries to pillory Hillary (God, I need a distillery!) Repubs, his ass you need to dump This man they call Trump is a wussy Says he likes... Read more »

My Birthday State of Mind

Today is my birthday. Random introspection rather comes with the territory. First, it is great irony and to my everlasting chagrin that I share a birthday with the heinous Donald Trump.  Of all the 365 birthdates in a year, figures I had to be born on his.  Thanks, Trump’s mom!  You couldn’t keep him in... Read more »