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Remembering a true Dallas maverick - guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan

  Monday, August 27th, marks the 28th anniversary of the death of guitar-great Stevie Ray Vaughan. If you’re saying, “Who?,” for shame, y’all! I’m speaking of the uber-talented blues/rock guitarist and singer who almost single-handedly breathed life back into the corpse of The Blues in the 1980’s, all the while giving props and resurgence to... Read more »

The supernatural soul of Aretha Franklin

When an artist the stature of Aretha Franklin dies, there are the usual news -outlet obits detailing career milestones, perhaps a heretofore-unknown fact or two, usually a discography. Always there are the heartfelt remembrances of friends and colleagues. Specials air and the artist’s albums sell out. Weeks pass and life returns to normal.  We smile... Read more »

25 or 6 to 4 - times three!

I love to noodle around on YouTube. And as is well-known, I love the band Chicago.  Well, at least, its first 10 years, when Terry Kath and Peter Cetera and Danny Seraphine still were with them. Just because I love you, my babies, here’s something fun –  three versions of one of Chicago’s greatest songs,... Read more »

Remembering Chicago guitarist Terry Kath - 40 years gone, but his legend remains

Tuesday, January 23rd marks the 40th anniversary of the death of legendary guitarist Terry Kath of the band Chicago. If you just said, “Who?,” I promise not to slap you upside the head, as chances are that you come by your ignorance honestly. Sadly, there are generations of music lovers – including even Chicago fans... Read more »

Tina Turner - spirit mother to the #metoo revolution

I adore Tina Turner. Last night, for probably the 10th time, I watched the Tina Turner biopic, What’s Love Got to do With It? And last night, as always, I was thunderstruck by the performances of the brilliant Angela Bassett as Tina and powerhouse Laurence Fishburne as the mega-talented and hideously-abusive Ike Turner. I absorbed... Read more »

A sad day in Dandom - Steely Dan's twisted genius Walter Becker dead at 67

Walter Becker, one half of the brilliant and legendary musical duo Steely Dan, died today at the age of 67. Cause of death was not given, but it appears he had been unwell for some time. Mr. Becker’s partner in crime and rhyme, Donald Fagen, today issued this statement about his friend and musical partner,... Read more »

Glen Campbell - so much more than a rhinestone cowboy

Musician, songwriter and actor Glen Campbell died this week at age 81, from complications of Alzheimer’s Disease, and a bit of my girlhood went with him. I was a musical kid, and had a decent ear even at a young age for real musicianship. By 1967, I was into a diverse stew – The Beatles,... Read more »

To those of you wondering what happened to the Peter Cetera Challenge

Dear Fellow Cetera-ites, Late last month, I embarked upon a (daunting/insane/ill-conceived) writing task, the 30-Day Peter Cetera Challenge.  Careful watchers of this space will note that, after a preamble post, I got to Day 4, then, uh, petered out. (For those of you who don’t know what in the hell I’m talking about, here’s the... Read more »

The 30-day Peter Cetera Challenge - Day 4 - Sing a Mean Tune, Kid!

A lot of Peter Cetera fans don’t realize that he’s an excellent and influential bass player.  But that’s only because his one-of-a-kind tenor has so often eclipsed it.  His indelible voice has been center-stage since his days in the band Chicago, and moreso since the advent of his solo-career in the mid-80’s. And at 72... Read more »

Gone the Midnight Rider - Gregg Allman, RIP

There are rock stars – and then there are bad-ass, muthafuggin’, hardtack rock legends. Y’all don’t have to guess which category Gregg Allman fell into.  He was a sinuglar talent, the grand-daddy soulman of southern rock. Born Gregory LeNoir Allman in Nashville on December 8, 1947, he died yesterday from liver cancer at age 69,... Read more »