Adieu, 2019 - I'm ready for some 2020 vision


2020's gonna be just like my waistline - UUGE!

Happy almost-New Year, my babies.  My mind is all over the place, as it is at most years-end (and every other day, truth to tell), so I figured I'd share a some of my cranial contents with you.

As with most years, I'm glad to see this one go. Frankly, I don't think there's ever been a year I've lamented and missed.  It's like marriage - things start out anew, shiny and bright, full of delusional intentions and resolutions - then, about three months in, things start going to shit, and you realize it's not all moonlight and canoes. (That one's for you, Sandi!)  Last year, for example, I contracted pneumonia on January 21st, and spent the next month sick as hell, not to mention blowing through all my vacation time for the year.

One of 2019's highlights for me was the recent House impeachment of President Trump.  At least they did something this year. Our Twitter-in-Chief, of course, went off the deep-end (would that he would), excoriating House Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the Dems.  This is because he's the best president, well, since EVER!  In his deluded little soul, he's Number One, way better than pikers like Washington, Lincoln and the two Roosevelts.

However, we all know that this impeachment is going to be just a whack on the Presidential pee-pee, as the Republican-majority senate will never convict him. They all want to be re-elected, and besides, it would involve actual hard work. Senate Republicans may not like Trump, but they like unemployment even less. Hell, most of Congress couldn't get work as rodeo clowns, so they prostitute themselves and hold onto their jobs like a koala huggin' a eucalyptus tree. Do you honestly think that they want to chance going back home to Shitburg, Kentucky to spend time with spouse and family? Not on your life, constituent.

Sen. Mitch Koala (R-KY).

As to the upcoming presidential election - 10 short months away - we'z in a heap o' trouble, we non-Trump supporters.  It's been over a year, but the Dems still haven't produced a viable front-runner. Beating an impeachment conviction will make the President stronger than ever to the benighted brain-trust that is his followers.  All he'll have to do is yell about being persecuted, add more MAGA swag and he's off to a second term.  The Dems simply cannot still be sorting through a large field of "meh" candidates 10 months before the election and expect to beat the incumbent, no matter how dangerous, incompetent and delusional he may be. Yes, Trump Tweets like a moron and brays like a donkey, but "he's our prezdint! And he done a GOOD job!"

So strap in, folks.  Save divine intervention or a UUGE voter turnout and backlash, it's gonna be another four years of El Trumpo.  Just pray we don't get into any serious international debacles ... because I fear we don't - or won't - have any ally support.

On that cheery note, let's talk about the Chicago Bears! I started writing this on Sunday, when the Bears were in the 3rd quarter against the Vikings, in their last game of the season.  It was Bears 18-16, but there still were 8 minutes to go in 4th.  So we all knew the outcome.  The final score score would be something like 19-18, with the Bears will losing by a nose. (The game was Bears 18-6 at the half, giving the fans that false sense of security we've all gotten used to.)

I looked again with 3 minutes left, and it was Vikings, 19-18. !

But ... I'll be dipped ... the Bears won, 21-19!  Still, the season ends with a crappy 8 and 8.  There's room for massive improvement, Bears Powers That Be. For starters, I think that Coach Nagy just ain't doing enough naggy-ing.  He gives all the next-day platitudes about "better execution and follow-through, but darn it, our guys have heart."

Bull-plop, I tells ya!  Better go wait at the revolving-door coach-exit, Matt.

A bright light this year was the election of Lori Lightfoot as Mayor of Chicago. Chicago is a nortoriously difficult city to run, but this mayor is - finally - one beholden to no one.  She's kicking ass and taking names. Here's wishing her much luck. Particularly with the heinous crime culture that looms so large, she's gonna need all the help she can get. Godspeed, Mayor Lightfoot.

And so, a new decade begins.   Here is my 2020 wish-list:

  • That we at least try for tolerance.  Get the racial epithets out of our heads and try just to see people.
  • That our leaders - yes, even that one - are granted wisdom, prudence and compassion.
  • That international terrorism abates.
  • That all of the damned domestic shootings just stop.
  • That we show far more kindness and decency to each other.
  • That all internet trolls and their vitriol vanish.
  • That all drivers learn what the hell "right of way" means!

Just try and be a peaceable, loving mammal.  It's a good first start.

All the best to you and yours!


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    Happy 2020! I usually do a welcome to the new year post that's full of optimism and hope (well at least I try)....not this time. 2020 is going to be a shitshow that will make you beg for 2019 to return.
    All that said, have a great new year!

  • In reply to Howard Moore:

    Well, hello there! Hope you are well.

    They're all shit-shows, my pet. Until such time as Amy Winehouse, Walter Becker and Prince return, that's our lot. Fuckery and more fuckery.

    Onward through the (legal maryjane) fog!

  • Happy New Year Planet Michelle. Let's hope you stay healthy this ice season. The Democrats are just as bad to not have a viable candidate at this point. All the dickering and bickering has me packing my bags for Nova Scotia. When you flush, be sure to do it ten times. At least. Can't wait to see you! xoxoxox

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