Back in orbit (for now) - and here's what's been goin' on!

Greetings, dear babies!  Careful watchers of this space may have noticed a vast reduction in number of my posts lo, these many months.  Alas, my Muse is a slippery creature and has really been messing with me for awhile now. (Perhaps you will understand when you know that, as a Gemini ruled by Mercury, my Muse is the capricious Freddie Mercury, aka, HRH the Genius Chameleon Warbler in Harlequin Tights.  [Freddie recently told me that "We are NOT amused by BoRhap, the film;" more on that later.])

So, yeah, I'm jousting with Queenly-apparitions and super-bad writers' block.  Not to be confused with colon block. Or coronary artery block. Or the big block of concrete that sits atop of the body of the Oval Office guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But I digress.

ANYhoo, to those who have speculated - no, I haven't been in the joint, or been plotting a run for Town Whore, or shussing down the slopes in Gstaad, or wavering drunkenly down the cobbled streets of Portofino.  Nor was I in the Wisconsin Dells or, God forbid, Branson.

As John Lennon once sang,  "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans," and so it has been for your favorite snarky Planet.  So here's what has been filtering through my little monkey brain these past months:

(P.S. - When you come to the gallery picture on Boris Johnson, here's a link  - I wrote about him in my 3rd post here at ChicagoNow - I TOLD ya' you'd be hearing from him again one day!

As to Did I Ever Find My Keys?, here's the link to that whole mishegas: )

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  • aii

  • In reply to Very Terry:

    Have no idea where this came from?

  • In reply to Very Terry:

    Really? Perhaps it came from "fiyi," below. ?? (I just figured you'd learned to speak Fijian!)

  • I am glad you are back in orbit again, Michelle! I've missed your voice.

  • In reply to Very Terry:

    Thank you, darling. I'm gonna shoot for weekly, but that might be unrealistic, given my current level of insanity.

  • heloo

  • In reply to fiyi:

    heloo to you, too - and whooo are you?

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