25 or 6 to 4 - times three!


You just can't keep a great song down!

I love to noodle around on YouTube. And as is well-known, I love the band Chicago.  Well, at least, its first 10 years, when Terry Kath and Peter Cetera and Danny Seraphine still were with them.

Just because I love you, my babies, here's something fun -  three versions of one of Chicago's greatest songs, 25 or 6 to 4 - from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Version Number 1 - by the kick-ass Russian outfit known as Leonid and Friends.  They've made their mark mainly by performing dead-on versions of many of Chicago's greatest songs, and some deep cuts as well. Do yourself a major favor and get into these incredible musicians.  These guys are so good, they make me cry!  They must come to America, they just must!  Here's the link to their website, which showcases many of their songs. Prepare to have your little monkey brains blown:

OK, let's recover from that one with Version Number 2, a cute little thing by the Peanuts kids. If you don't at least crack a smile, you, my friend, are dead. (Special thanks to Garren Lazar for concocting this one!):

Remember when I said that we were going from the sublime to the ridiculous? Here, representing both the "WTF?!" and "Things You Can't Un-See" categories, is Al Pacino - yes, that Al Pacino - onstage with Chicago at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Turns out it's a scene from a Pacino movie, Danny Collins, wherein Al plays a faded rock star. No matter; he looks like a drunk uncle crashing a wedding band.  So I give you a version you can't refuse - call it 25 or Corleone:

So, next time you find yourself awake at 25 or 26 to four in the morning (which is all the song means, BTW, according to its writer, Robert Lamm), give these a spin. The Pacino one should return you to an uneasy slumber - eventually!

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  • This is a great read and listen Michelle! That song haunts me. I'm glad you noodled around on You Tube and found these diverse versions.

  • In reply to Very Terry:

    Thanks, Terry. I'm crazy about Leonid and Friends, and just had to share them. I also thought the Pacino one was hilarious and had to find a way to share that, too!

  • Leonid & Friends video was great! Lots of oldies on their website - loved it! Listening to Wishing You Were Here - brings me back. . .
    The Pacino video was scary - he's a great actor. . . right?!
    Awesome share!

  • In reply to Carole Lago:

    Their website is fantastic! Every one of them is such an incredible musician. I heard they can't all get visas or whatever they need to visit the US, but I'm staying on it. SOMEONE influential here has to be able to pull some strings and get these guys across the pond. At this point, they're better than actual Chicago. (I wonder if any of them have seen their Russian counterparts?)

  • Thanks for the song, Michelle, and the meaning -- at long last. I should have known, "waiting for the break of day" and all. Loved the Peanuts one best... I just can't bear to try Pacino yet.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    When you understand that it's actually a scene from a Pacino movie where he plays a has-been 70's rockstar, it's less jarring. Slightly!

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