8 things to do this weekend instead of paying attention to hate rallies


At last count, CNN reports that there are nine rallies scheduled this weekend all over the U.S. by various right-wing hate groups, i.e., stupid gatherings of ignorant, inbred cretins.

Here are some things you can do instead of paying even one iota of attention to any of them:

  1.  Have sex!  It's probably been awhile, so do it up right - champagne, choco-strawberries, lace thongs (women only, please), clean sheets. Take your time and maybe even engage in foreplay!  So you'll be walking funny come Monday, so what?
  2. Spend quality time with your pets.  Take them on your weekend errands.  Take them to Dairy Queen.  Take in a drive-in movie.  They miss you all week, so show them some love.  (And bring treats.)
  3. Take a nice, long bike ride.  Your heart, mind and ass will thank you!  Bring healthy snacks, like little bottles of moscato and cheese cubes.  Stop every so often and enjoy the scenery.  (Also, you'll probably have to take leak.)
  4. Help a neighbor - cut his/her lawn or do some weeding.  Get back to the earth, baby!  Maybe if you're lucky, your neighbor will be so grateful that you'll be paid via #1 above!  "How can I ever thank you, Bob???"
  5. Clean your basement.  You know it needs it.  You might even find some of that stuff you've been looking for, like your snorkel, those cool jeans you might actually still fit into, and the Viagra that your wife hid last year.
  6. Cook up a new dish, or grill something you haven't before.  Like blackened fou-fou fish or vegan, non-GMO, organic "bratwurst."  Yum!  (If it sucks, call Giordano's for your usual pie.)
  7. Watch The Godfather trilogy - everyone must, at least once a year, you know.  It's the law.
  8. Live with abandon, but stop and give thanks that you are able to do any or all of the above.  A lot of people lost their lives this week in the name of hate/terrorism.  So take a minute and pray for the victims, their families - and for peace.

Let's make America SANE again!


THAT'S RIGHT…. come closer…. closerrrr…...

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  • Love this!! Great ideas Michelle!!

  • In reply to Nina Vallone:

    Thank you, Neen. If I'm walking askew on Monday, no one will notice because of the eclipse!

  • I bet you meant to write sew like a crazy fool but just forgot at the last minute!
    Don't worry, I did it!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    You are sew correct, as always. Of course, "sew" to me means mending knickers, not creating spectacular works of fabric-art!

    I'm looking forward to your Eclipse Quilt - all black but for a stunning corona!

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