8 things about me that few people know - well, until now

We all have things about ourselves that we keep hidden - perhaps out of fear, or in embarrassment, or simply in the interest of just being a private soul.  I actually am a private soul, but sometimes it's freeing to let a few horsies out of the barn.  So here's eight from my herd.

(And what are your hidden factoids, my babies?  Lay 'em on me in the Comments section.  You can keep the really bad stuff to yourself - like if you murdered somebody - I'm not a priest, and this ain't confession. But anything short of homicide might be a fun reveal!)

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  • Thanks for sharing these fun tidbits!!

  • In reply to Nina Vallone:

    Thanks, Neen - but you didn't share any of yours! Admission: One Quasi-Secret, please.

  • You are too funny! So glad your tail is only in your dreams!

  • In reply to Very Terry:

    Thanks, Terry - yes, so far, no tail. I don't know; on the right bum, it may be kinda cute! (And what is YOUR tidbit, sister? Nosy minds want to know!)

  • In college I turned in essentially the same term paper for 5 different courses (with minor tweaking of course). I also used it as a lead story for the student newspaper the following semester.

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