Top 10 reasons why I blog


Post..... post!

I blog, therefore I am.  Here are 10 reasons why:

10. I'd rather write than do anything.  / Well, anything vertical.

9.  I'm not planning to run for office. / However, I love to bitch about who's IN office.  Next to sex, baseball and fantasizing about winning the lottery, it's the Great American Pastime.

8.  I can't dance. / I wrote about my two left tootsies in one of my first posts here.  So I needed another (vertical) pursuit to occupy my free time.

7.  I love to make people laugh. / I write a lot of satire, which I've always really dug. #dorothyparker #ermabombeck #davebarry #artbuchwald

6.  It keeps me out of jail. / My last stint in the can (for cursing out a state trooper, in the nude while on absinthe - me, not him) was no picnic.  13 months in the company of only women, most of whom could bench-press me.  I do miss the annual calf-roping competition, though.  Who knew I had mad skills as a rodeo clown?

5.  I'm trying to popularize a new blogging category. / You have your mommy blogs, your political blogs, your advice blogs - Welcome to the category of Borderline Sane, Yet Sexy!

4.  Blogging is legal. / So much other fun stuff isn't;  just sayin' (see point #6).

3.  It keeps me off of free porn sites. / I mean, how many vids of Underwater Thong Nymphos can one watch before one runs out of batteries?

2.  I'm spiritual, but not religious (point #3 aside) / Which means Catholic, Jewish or Islam-related rants are out.  So I have to opine about other stuff.  (Free hint:  Never, EVER piss off an atheist.  Trust me.)

1.  It's one hell of a ripping challenge! / It ain't easy being amusing or angry or thought-provoking every few days in "print."  Don't believe me?  Then give it a shot, mate!


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  • You crack me up! Love this post:)

  • In reply to Nina Vallone:

    Thank U, Neen!

    I love your bio on your right rail that says, ".... haul ass back to Chicago" when the kidlings are grown. Ha!

  • You are very funny and I agree, it's legal!

  • Thanks, Kathy!

    I'm too old to go back to womens' prison. Just like Martha Stewart!

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