My Birthday State of Mind

(Objects are quite more attractive than they appear.)

Today is my birthday.

Random introspection rather comes with the territory.

First, it is great irony and to my everlasting chagrin that I share a birthday with the heinous Donald Trump.  Of all the 365 birthdates in a year, figures I had to be born on his.  Thanks, Trump's mom!  You couldn't keep him in just one more day?

While I don't wish Trump ill as a human being, even a casual reader of this blog knows that I sure as hell don't wish him in the White House, or in politics in general.  Dangerous, inflammatory, histrionic person.  Certainly not Presidential material.  Wake up, America.

Other, non-Trump musings:

I am now 17 years older than my brother got to be.  John was my only sibling and my best friend.  Spectacular musician, kindest heart and the funniest person I've ever known.  I miss him so.  My survivor's guilt abounds.  Being an only child really sucks when you weren't supposed to be one.

I am vastly under-employed.  And working to change that.  Life is too short to let a bad career choice take your soul.

I believe my soul-mate may have gotten hit by a bus.  (Can you hear me, Dr. Wu?)

Why do work days drag like grim death, but decades zip by like the road-runner?  The last 20 years went by like lightning.  When I add 20 years to my current age, it scares the hell out of me.

In addition to many other passions, I really dig astronomy, chemistry and the Periodic Table of the Elements.  (Also, astrology, numerology and the Tarot.  Can't help it - I'm a Gemini.) I am probably the only non-science-type around who can name a good portion of the Table from memory.  (Useful for absolutely nothing, BTW, unless my aforementioned soul-mate ends up being a particle physicist).

The recent horror in Orlando has me totally rethinking my lifelong pro-position on the Second Amendment.  My position on the evils of radical Islam, however, will never change.  (Note, Mr. Trump, that I said "radical Islam," not all Muslims.  There is a difference, you lackwit.)

Dear God, but you made some violent people.  And how do you answer for all the innocent victims of those lunatics?  Did you design us as some grand, sad experiment, or it is natural selection gone insanely wrong?  Whatever the cause, could you just make it stop?

So many questions without answers.  It may be my birthday, but I guess it's just another day.

I wear two bracelets.  One says, "Un jour, beau sorcier."  The other says, "Be brave and be kind."

The first belongs to me alone.

The latter is my birthday wish to you all.

Peace and strength, my babies.

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