Donald. Trumped.


For the sake of fuck, why is this man always yelling?

The time has come, my fellow harried-Americans.

We must de-Trump.

We simply must get the incendiary Donald Trump the hell off the political stage.

Yes, for far too long now, American politics has been a sad clown circus, but this improvident lackwit is seriously compromising the U.S. on the world stage. This ain't exactly the time to piss off our enemies, dear voter.  And nobody has more piss-'em-off-ability than the reprobate Mr. Trump.

His fans say that this Master of Populist Platitudes is speaking for them. Saying things no other politician is saying.  Finally, the plumber in Phoenix and hair stylist in Poughkeepsie have a "voice."

God help them all.

I mean, can you imagine Trump in serious political talks with any leader anywhere?  The European Union?  God forbid, with the war-like Netanyahu, bat-shit crazy Putin or shifty Syrian president Asaad?  Hell, I wouldn't want Trump talking at his son, Baron's prep-school Career Day at this point.

Apparently, no one has gotten through to The Donald with the news that business acumen - even at his rarefied level - does NOT automatically (if ever) confer political chops.

All politicians - all of them - by inclination and necessity - are rife with insidious, dubious, nefarious character traits, equaled only in the works of Shakespeare.  It takes a rare and special combination of brains, charm, cunning, immorality, steely nerve and brass balls to run a country.

You must - as The Godfather's Vito Corleone taught his son, Michael - keep your friends close but your enemies closer.  You have to know where the bodies are buried, every chink in the armor of your enemies, how to coerce, who owes what favors to whom, who can be used and who merely is useful, who can be bought, when to shut up and play your hand in the shadows, and most especially, what to do when any form of shit hits the fan.

And you don't taunt your rivals.  Especially the kind who behead innocents at will on YouTube, blow up iconic buildings using commerical aircraft as detonation devices, spray concert-goers and cafe diners with automatic-weapon fire, commit mass-murder at holiday parties, and live quietly amongst us until their internal "Jihad" switches click on.

Not unless you are a raving egomaniac.  And very, very stupid.

All of which is why average, nice guys/gals don't run for office, and wouldn't win if they did.  Running this country is a serious, bad-ass, supremely difficult, nearly insurmountable challenge few can meet.

Washington did it.  Jefferson did.  Lincoln certainly did.  Theodore Roosevelt did.  As did the stalwart Franklin Roosevelt - for four terms, during arguably the worst times in our nation's history.  Give-em Hell Harry Truman eventually did.  Even Lyndon Johnson in his own blundering way did (just not regarding Vietnam war).

Kennedy could not meet the challenge.  Nixon could not.  Carter could not.

And Donald Trump cannot.

Please join me in seeing to it that he doesn't get the chance.

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