My Eclectic Thanks

thank U signYes, indeed, thanks are in the air.

My peeps here at are sharing thanks of many colors. In her blog, "You Know Neen," Nina Vallone is in the midst of an inspiring 30-day gratitude challenge.  And of course, Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow.

And so, my little monkey brain has switched into merci mode.

My thanks might be eclectic, but are heartfelt, nonetheless.

After the recent horrors in Paris and Mali, and this week in Tunisia, I’m thankful for no new terrorism on US soil - yet.  We must be semper vigilant, my friends.  Like it or not, we live on a world stage, and aligned with our sane counterparts, it’s us against evil.  Be fearless (meaning live your life!), but be aware.

Grateful that The Donald (aka, El Trumpo) seems to be losing steam and looking more the buffoon every day.  I simply can't conceive of this man being President.  (What worries me, though, is that California once elected Arnold Schwartzenegger and Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, as governors. Holy merde. President Trump is possible, if we allow it. )

I’m thankful to be employed.  Was gainfully unemployed for well over a year, and as anyone who’s gone/going through same can tell you, it’s fresh hell on a daily basis.  So even if your job sucks - even if you’re under-employed, hate your boss, your co-workers and the cleaning people - you’re still drawing a paycheck and probably have health insurance.  Perspective, my babies.

Eternal thanks to those - before and now - who serve, defend and fight for America.  So many have died and been injured, physically and mentally, to ensure our freedom.  Never forget that, tribe.

I'm thankful to be able to vote.  If you think it's bad here because we have such shitty choices (which are our own fault, BTW), go live somewhere where there IS no vote, or where you have to walk 20 miles in peril to do it, or where there's only one name on the ballot.

Mondo-thanks for the First Amendment.  Sometimes our legislators really get it right.

This week, I found out that I have multiple skin cancers to be removed.  None of which appear to be melanoma, so major thanks for that.  (Love and gratitude to our sister blogger, the late Donna Moncivaiz, and her important legacy of melanoma education.)

I’m grateful for the companionship of my furry bud, The Cat Known As Lew.  By far, the weirdest pet I’ve ever had.  But I love the nippin' little bounder.

Mega-thanks for coffee.  Coffee helps us play!  My daily fix saves so many lives.

Really thankful that there’s 35 lbs. less of me than at last Thanksgiving, and I’m still “trending” downward.  (Jeez, I just realized - 35 lbs. is, like, two 17 lb. turkeys.  Crikey.)

Eternally thankful for music - sweet, balm-to-the-soul, lifesaving music.  My oldest friend.

I'm thankful for lipstick, Ray-Bans, pizza and  two-ply.  Also, sex. Especially sex!

Last, I'm thankful for handsome sorcerers.  (Un jour, sorcier beau.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Be brave and be kind.  And of course, grateful.


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