Back in orbit (for now) - and here's what's been goin' on!

I witnessed the complete downfall of western civilization, courtesy of one annoying family.  No WAY this gal's top and bottom halves occur in nature!  All hail Boobarella.
Greetings, dear babies!  Careful watchers of this space may have noticed a vast reduction in number of my posts lo, these many months.  Alas, my Muse is a slippery creature and has really been messing with me for awhile now. (Perhaps you will understand when you know that, as a Gemini ruled by Mercury, my... Read more »

Songs in the key of aaaah! (I.e. - I lost my keys!)

I lost my keys on Easter Sunday. Actually, they were last seen on Friday night around 6 pm, in the vacinity of my right hand, as I used them to enter my premises after work. I did not leave the house on Saturday (as I call it, Sloth Day), and the next day, when I... Read more »

Patsy Cline redux - on the 56th anniversary of her death

(I don’t normally do this, my babies, but I’m offering today a post I wrote two years ago,  in commemoration of the death of the one and only Patsy Cline. I was going to write something new for “my girl,” but found that this one still resonates. So crank up some Patsy on You Tube... Read more »

Fear and loathing - and heroism - in Aurora.

This one hit waay too close to home. Friday’s workplace shooting at the Henry Pratt firm in Aurora, Illinois took place at a company my co-workers and I know well. I work for a company two towns over from Aurora.  We move heavy machinery. We’ve done work for Pratt for years. In fact, we’re all... Read more »

What I did on my 3-week pneumonia-cation

Tomorrow I return to work after a three-week dance with pneumonia. If I may, a bit of advice for you, my babies. GET. A. PNEUMONIA. VACCINE! As you can guess from the all-caps, I did not.  Sure, I got my flu vaccine per usual last fall, but for some stupid reason, the pneumonia vac just... Read more »

5 lesser-known Chicago mayoral candidates.

Ever since Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel looked deep into his heart (i.e. got bored; gave up) and decided not to seek a third term, the floodgates spewed forth and about a dozen fine, upstanding citizens flung their chapeaux into the Chicago mayoral ring. Some are the usual suspects – yet Another Son of Boss, Bill Daley,... Read more »

Hey, (20)19!

(OK – reference to Steely Dan song in post headline – √ check! Smart-ass attitude in place – √ check!  Mock-incredulity at another year passed, locked and loaded   – √ check! …. It’s post time!) Greetings, my babies, on this New Year’s Eve-eve! I figured I’d try and catch you before you are plastered, or baked, or... Read more »

Holiday wishes to a world gone mad

  And so once again it is upon us, The Holiday Season.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or simply the winter solstice, this is a season of celebration.  Or at least it’s supposed to be. Excuse me if I’m not feeling very participational. We live in such a sick, schizophrenic world. One of wretched... Read more »

9 fun ways to reduce stress and (probably) not go to jail

Stress stinks, my babies. It sucks the joy right outta the day, siphoning your mental and physical energy like a chance-meeting with an ex. We become listless, cringing, reactive boobs, addicted to triple-caf macchiatos and To-Do lists, the bottom of which are never reached. Slaves to everything but good sense and self-care, hypertension just waiting... Read more »

Remembering a true Dallas maverick - guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan

  Monday, August 27th, marks the 28th anniversary of the death of guitar-great Stevie Ray Vaughan. If you’re saying, “Who?,” for shame, y’all! I’m speaking of the uber-talented blues/rock guitarist and singer who almost single-handedly breathed life back into the corpse of The Blues in the 1980’s, all the while giving props and resurgence to... Read more »