Patsy Cline redux - on the 56th anniversary of her death

(I don’t normally do this, my babies, but I’m offering today a post I wrote two years ago,  in commemoration of the death of the one and only Patsy Cline. I was going to write something new for “my girl,” but found that this one still resonates. So crank up some Patsy on You Tube... Read more »

Fear and loathing - and heroism - in Aurora.

This one hit waay too close to home. Friday’s workplace shooting at the Henry Pratt firm in Aurora, Illinois took place at a company my co-workers and I know well. I work for a company two towns over from Aurora.  We move heavy machinery. We’ve done work for Pratt for years. In fact, we’re all... Read more »

What I did on my 3-week pneumonia-cation

Tomorrow I return to work after a three-week dance with pneumonia. If I may, a bit of advice for you, my babies. GET. A. PNEUMONIA. VACCINE! As you can guess from the all-caps, I did not.  Sure, I got my flu vaccine per usual last fall, but for some stupid reason, the pneumonia vac just... Read more »
ChicagoNow Video

5 lesser-known Chicago mayoral candidates.

Ever since Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel looked deep into his heart (i.e. got bored; gave up) and decided not to seek a third term, the floodgates spewed forth and about a dozen fine, upstanding citizens flung their chapeaux into the Chicago mayoral ring. Some are the usual suspects – yet Another Son of Boss, Bill Daley,... Read more »

Hey, (20)19!

(OK – reference to Steely Dan song in post headline – √ check! Smart-ass attitude in place – √ check!  Mock-incredulity at another year passed, locked and loaded   – √ check! …. It’s post time!) Greetings, my babies, on this New Year’s Eve-eve! I figured I’d try and catch you before you are plastered, or baked, or... Read more »

Holiday wishes to a world gone mad

  And so once again it is upon us, The Holiday Season.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or simply the winter solstice, this is a season of celebration.  Or at least it’s supposed to be. Excuse me if I’m not feeling very participational. We live in such a sick, schizophrenic world. One of wretched... Read more »

9 fun ways to reduce stress and (probably) not go to jail

Stress stinks, my babies. It sucks the joy right outta the day, siphoning your mental and physical energy like a chance-meeting with an ex. We become listless, cringing, reactive boobs, addicted to triple-caf macchiatos and To-Do lists, the bottom of which are never reached. Slaves to everything but good sense and self-care, hypertension just waiting... Read more »

Remembering a true Dallas maverick - guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan

  Monday, August 27th, marks the 28th anniversary of the death of guitar-great Stevie Ray Vaughan. If you’re saying, “Who?,” for shame, y’all! I’m speaking of the uber-talented blues/rock guitarist and singer who almost single-handedly breathed life back into the corpse of The Blues in the 1980’s, all the while giving props and resurgence to... Read more »

The supernatural soul of Aretha Franklin

When an artist the stature of Aretha Franklin dies, there are the usual news -outlet obits detailing career milestones, perhaps a heretofore-unknown fact or two, usually a discography. Always there are the heartfelt remembrances of friends and colleagues. Specials air and the artist’s albums sell out. Weeks pass and life returns to normal.  We smile... Read more »

25 or 6 to 4 - times three!

I love to noodle around on YouTube. And as is well-known, I love the band Chicago.  Well, at least, its first 10 years, when Terry Kath and Peter Cetera and Danny Seraphine still were with them. Just because I love you, my babies, here’s something fun –  three versions of one of Chicago’s greatest songs,... Read more »