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Cheating on My Noom Diet

This post continues my TWO PARAGRAPH CHALLENGE series.  See here for the first challenge. And he thought I couldn’t do it. Ha! I say. (Disclaimer:  this prelude doesn’t count toward the two paragraphs.  ‘Cause I said so.) CHEATING ON MY NOOM DIET I opened the fridge that Monday evening.  It was a very long day,... Read more »

I've Been Censored

The below post is another in my TWO PARAGRAPH CHALLENGE SERIES.  Why two paragraphs?  My husband arbitrarily chose the number 2 and asked if I could write a post in only two paragraphs.  And I love a challenge, so here goes… CENSORED!  Ain’t it great to get censored? Because that’s where it’s going with me... Read more »

The Two Paragraph Challenge

  My husband challenged me to write a blog in two paragraphs or less. Has he gone mad? Or perhaps he finds my posts too long for his liking? ‘Cause I love to talk.  Which leads to… more writing. Can I do it?  Let’s try. ‘Cause I love proving a point. Disclaimer:  This prelude doesn’t... Read more »