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The Ghost in Our House

Who’s That Walking Past Our Door? It’s something we hear or sense from time to time.  Call it a sixth sense of experiencing something – or someone –present in our house. Last night my husband heard it again… noises of someone walking around the kitchen.   Alarmed, he woke me, asking “Did you hear that noise... Read more »

Just Another Day With the In-Laws

My husband and I typically spend a few hours each weekend with my in-laws.  It’s then that I learn more about them as individuals – especially my father-in-law, Bill. To first meet Bill, one finds a mild-mannered octogenarian, who is happy spending his time visiting friends, sketching landscapes using colored pencils, or puttering around his... Read more »

Why We Shouldn't Sweat the Holidays

Last week I reported on a potential Thanksgiving dinner I was hosting.  Well, that didn’t actually turn out. But it got me thinking.  And when I get thinking, I start writing… THE MUNDANE mundane (adj.): found in the ordinary course of events ( At times we get tired of the same old, same old. Go... Read more »


It’s almost Thanksgiving Day – a favorite holiday of many, including mine. So I was excited as I cycled on the gym elliptical and watched a cooking show called The Chew on the overhead TV.  That day’s program focused on Thanksgiving dishes – which somehow made my cycling worth all the effort for the extra... Read more »

Schizophrenia Is Scary Stuff

Life is unfair.  And schizophrenia is scary stuff. The first part I already knew.  The second sentence – well, I’ve been learning more about that since early August. My brother-in-law suffers from schizophrenia – has for over 40 years.  Typically his condition is controlled with medicine and he lives without fear.  He lives in a... Read more »