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Top 10 Missing Items

Our ChicagoNow editor always encourages us to write consistently in order to improve our writing.  His latest suggestion was about making lists.  We all make lists. Some are written down or just kept in our head for quick reference.  To be a good participant, I made a list of the endless missing items in and... Read more »

Celebrity For a Day

My daughter has an interesting job working for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County as a special events seasonal aide. On a recent Sunday afternoon she invited my husband and me to join her at the Maple Syrup Festival at the River Trail Nature Center in Northbrook. It’s a day full of maple syrup... Read more »

Snobby Mommy Shops at Aldi

A few weeks ago I posted an article entitled Why Cuba? Why Now? I found it to be an interesting story which highlighted my brother’s recent trip to Havana, Cuba. He answered the questions about why he chose Cuba as a travel destination. All in all, I liked his story and I enjoyed writing about... Read more »

The Handwritten Note

Handwritten notes are a classic custom that still remain relevant. Which one of us doesn’t love to find such envelope in their home mailbox? It could be a birthday card or a party invitation – something so much more fun and interesting than the random junk mail or insurance bill. My friend Mary is a... Read more »

The Blues Brothers Go to College

When my daughter first left for college over four years ago, I fretted over whether I succeeded as a parent and dutifully prepared her for living away from home for the first time. We parents have many things to worry about when our kids enter college territory, including homework, parties, boyfriends, girlfriends, more parties. Besides... Read more »

Confessions of a Parade Balloon Handler

Lorri has fond childhood memories of watching Chicago’s Thanksgiving parade on her family TV set. On Thanksgiving morning in her home, the house was full of good smells – the food was cooking but, of course, the family was unable to eat any of it yet. For Lorri, the show on TV was a convenient... Read more »

For the Sake of Everything

The 2016 Presidential Election brought about a lot of angst, which continued to grow after the final votes and decision. I wanted to find a way in which to curtail my own anxious thoughts and perhaps bring the commotion down (at least within my own tiny environment) to a more manageable point. When searching for... Read more »

Adding to the Wow! Factor

When I was young I envied my family’s artistic abilities. Both my siblings are artists, and my mother has her own creative abilities. She was especially skilled at sewing and made a number of clothes for us throughout our early school years, as well as curtains and other items for the home. One afternoon she... Read more »

Keep on Truckin’

I miss my truck. I once heard that women can be just as nostalgic about their vehicles as men. This is true. I owned a 1980 Ford F-150. Its color was grey – not Silver, Pewter or Raincloud. It had a bench seat and just enough room for my six-year-old daughter and myself. To be... Read more »

Don't Rock The Boat

Like many, I was raised by a no-nonsense dad. Dad worked hard and played hard and he expected the same from everyone else. As a foreman at R.R. Donnelley, once the largest printing press company in the Midwest, he worked long hours, sometimes in 100+ degree heat. There, directions were straightforward and the employees relied... Read more »