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Is it still Thanksgiving if I don’t feel guilty? This is the question I ask myself this year, as we plan to take the easy route and place an order for our Thanksgiving dinner – turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and fresh cranberries – all ordered from a well-loved local restaurant. The question nags... Read more »

In Honor of Aunt Grace's Birthday...

A repeat from last year — in honor of my Aunt Grace’s Birthday. Enjoy. Earlier this year I wrote about my Aunt Grace and her commitment to Chicago and its great transit system, the CTA. What I didn’t provide was a little background on Aunt Grace and why she has (retrospectively) become such a good... Read more »

Family Doesn't Let Family Move to The Villages

Family doesn’t let family move to The Villages.  That’s my statement and I’m stickin’ to it.  There may be some backlash over this post, but I’m ready for it. Because moving to The Villages in central Florida is where I draw the line.  Years back my mom, Dorothy, phoned to tell me she heard great things about... Read more »

Sage Advice For My 16-Year-Old Self

This post is one of the winners of ChicagoNow’s Best Posts May 2018. We wrap up this month of May with a few words… ChicagoNow’s Blogalooz-Hour was presented to us last night.  The topic: “What are three pieces of advice you would give to your 16 year old self?” I mulled this question over and... Read more »

10 Ways To Be Happy

I hate it when things go wrong.   Or sometimes I’m just plain crabby. And it’s those times when I need to look at what’s good and remember the things that make me happy.  I’m taking a cue from fellow writer Judy Marcus and wrote down items that are adding to my Wow! factor.  Her article —... Read more »

How I Kicked The Ironing Habit

I wore my favorite blazer the other day.  My friend complimented me on its look. “But look here,” I complained. “I recently washed the jacket, but the lapel is sitting funny and not lying flat.” “Try ironing it,” my dear friend advised. Was She for Real? She was trying to be helpful, but I was... Read more »

How We Survived The Blizzard of '79

Enjoy a rerun from January 2017 … just in time for Chicago’s next snowfall. Aunt Grace and Her Undying Devotion to the Chicago Transit Authority –  How We Survived The Blizzard of ’79 My Aunt Grace lived in the City of Chicago her entire life.  She loved the cosmopolitan atmosphere where she could enjoy different... Read more »

In Defense Of Books And Newspapers

Curl up with a good book. Get lost in a bookstore.  These are classic clichés we hear often. But as traditional expressions, they still ring true. Some of us are old school and still prefer holding a newspaper in hand as they read the daily news. And there are many who prefer a bound book... Read more »

100th Street - That Great Street

We had another thought-provoking question posed to us by our editorial manager via AskChicago Now Question Of The Day: What’s the best street in Chicago? Several streets immediately come to mind for me.  Like many others, I’ll always consider the street where I grew up to be one of the best.  It’s the things that are... Read more »

The Ghost in Our House

Who’s That Walking Past Our Door? It’s something we hear or sense from time to time.  Call it a sixth sense of experiencing something – or someone –present in our house. Last night my husband heard it again… noises of someone walking around the kitchen.   Alarmed, he woke me, asking “Did you hear that noise... Read more »