How well do we truly listen to one another each and every day?  We make good efforts to give our undivided attention to friends, family, co-workers and others we run into day in and day out.

A [very] brief example:

Me: “What time is the concert?”
Him: “Yes.”
Yes? Yes what?



I get it: we have a lot on our minds.  Without intention, we may not exactly be giving our full attention.  After all, how often do we really have an opportunity to stop, keenly listen, and in the process learn more about one another?

For the last several weeks, I had an opportunity to listen to others’ stories.  I’ve been rehearsing with other cast members for a live stage presentation called LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER 2018.  As part of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, I’ve been fortunate to hear true stories filled with passion, inspiration, laughter and loss.

There are wonderful, real-life stories from individuals who have written about their own mothers and/or being a parent themselves.  Their experiences are genuine and touching.  Many of us can find a kindred connection with these men and women as they engage us in their personal accounts.


Pic: Photographic Reality (one of our sponsors)

The tales run the gamut from comedy, encouragement, pain, happiness and -- always -- true love.

I feel emboldened after leaving rehearsals. Each member is unique and the sort of person you’d easily befriend.  The speakers are excited to read their stories before a live audience.

Plus our producer – Carrie Bedwell, another ChicagoNow blogger -- is doing an amazing job.  Along with being a wife and mother and working full-time, Carrie coordinates stage production, arranges for media coverage, lines up generous sponsors and answers endless questions.

LTYM Rehearsals

LTYM Rehearsals

So here’s my pitch… if you want to hear these incredible stories, enjoy some cocktails and live music, please attend our show.  Bring a friend, your mom, or your flavor-of-the-month date.  Below is a link to all the lovely details.

And start listening.  We all have interesting stories.  Share yours with others and pay attention to theirs.

Check out LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER on Facebook.  And get your tickets here.

Thank you for reading.


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