10 Ways To Be Happy

I hate it when things go wrong.   Or sometimes I’m just plain crabby.

And it’s those times when I need to look at what’s good and remember the things that make me happy.  I’m taking a cue from fellow writer Judy Marcus and wrote down items that are adding to my Wow! factor.  Her article -- Tiny teeny avocados and 9 other things that are making me happy right now – is pretty cool.

I do love avocados.  Plus I love looking for teeny (and some not so small) instances in my life that are making me smile.  Here are my 10 ways to be happy right now.

My List of 10:

  1.  My mom is planning a visit to Chicago soon.  Yay.


It's great b/c Mom always brings her own wine.

2.  I'm still learning to let stupid remarks from a certain boss (who shall remain unnamed) roll off me.  I give a stupid look right back at him and walk away.

3.  Congratulations are in order for 3 graduates in my small family and friends circle:  my cousin's son graduates from Columbia College Chicago; a close friend's daughter is completing grad school from St. Xavier University; and a third friend who recently received her degree after working for 30 years.  Best wishes to them all.

4.  Last week I had three bouquets of flowers at home – the most I’ve ever received at once.  One was from my beautiful daughter for Mothers’ Day.  The second was for my participation as a speaker at the Listen To Your Mother event.  The third was from a generous friend who bestowed them upon me after the show.  They are each stunning.


5.  It’s time to plant fresh basil and cilantro.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


6. Sesame Street videos.  Watch them when you’re down.  It helps.


7. I’m becoming fascinated with do-it-yourself sangrias.  Frozen peaches thrown in are my favorite.


I tried fresh oranges, but peaches are still my fav.

8. My husband received a U.S. patent.  Pretty big stuff, I’d say.


9. Cherry Cola Oreos.  They’re really, really good…



10.  My family. :)


I've always been partial to this cutie pie.

That’s my list.  What’s yours?

Thank you for reading.


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