'Cause I Said So - Overheard Conversations

‘Cause I Said So

Welcome to my random thoughts page entitled “'Cause I Said So.”  These are general musings, rants, observations and otherwise unimportant details I notice about life.  Enjoy and share.

Below are various statements I've overheard while commuting, enjoying the beach, at the office, etc.

People amuse me.

Overheard on Metra train:

Girl No. 1:  OMG, my mom’s gone live on Facebook!
Girl No. 2:  What’s she doing that’s live?
Girl No. 1:  Nothing.  She’s just showing a picture of her chair.



On the Downtown Streets of Chicago:

ASPCA Employee (seeking funds) to Me:  “Hi there!  You look like a nice person.”
Me: “Actually, I’m not.  I’m Catwoman.”



At the Office:

Coworker No. 1:  "Where do you want to go for lunch today?"
Co-worker No. 2:  "I don’t care.  I just want some grease."

More on the Streets of Chicago:

Man On Cell Phone: “Hey, I got an entire playlist ready of yacht rock. Lemme know if you need it.”

At Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore:

20-Something-Year-Old Male: [excitedly pointing at Chicago skyline across the lake] “Dude, I can see the Empire State Building!”


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