‘Cause I Said So - Things I've Learned Later In Life

‘Cause I Said So

Welcome to my random thoughts page entitled “'Cause I Said So.”  These are general musings, rants, observations and otherwise unimportant details I notice about life.  Enjoy and share.

Things I've Learned Later In Life

There are things (obvious things) that I didn't learn until later in my life.  In fact, some of them I realized just within the last 12 months.

I wasn't always the sharpest tool in the shed.

I've Listed Them Here:

  1.  The Target store trademark isn’t just a red dot surrounded by a circle.  It actually has meaning:  a bull's eye target.  Duh.

2.  Whales aren’t really as large as the one portrayed in the Pinocchio movie.  In other words, a whale can’t swallow a boat and its occupants whole.




3.  I’m not a fan of sushi.  For more on that revelation, click here.




4.  Staples Store isn’t named after a desk stapler.  It’s actually “staples” [think basic incidentals] for the office.

5.  Google and YouTube are smart resources to avoid divorce. A recent search helped save our ongoing frustrations over sharing a comforter.

6.  Once the critics start commenting on your blog posts, you can consider yourself successful.  Bring it on.


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