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'Cause I Said So

Welcome to my random thoughts page entitled “'Cause I Said So.”  These are general musings, rants, observations and otherwise unimportant details I notice about life.  Enjoy and share.

Indecipherable Notes to Myself

I write notes to myself.

A lot.

At the time of writing, I’m always so sure that I’ll remember the details and what they relate to.

I have grand ideas of taking my notes and writing a blog post that will appeal to thousands.  My story will go viral.  Everyone will nod and say "Yes, that's exactly how I feel!"

That is not the case for me.

Below are several notes I quickly jotted down over the past six months.  Can anyone help me make sense of these?

I found my red onion.
Is the red light on?
Quit telling us what to do.
Brewery trucks in the summer.
Disco pants and haircuts

Any help is appreciated, as I'm anxious to start writing.

Thank you.


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