This Week's Forecast: Gloom and Doom

Sleep can fool one into dreaming that everything is back to normal.  Everyone is fine and no one gets hurt.

Then morning arrives and you realize it was just a dream.  Reality is still here.

Fittingly, today’s weather matches the current mood.  Dark and foggy.  Damp and dreary.


Today's grittiness matches our feelings

The local newscasts gives more specifics on a Chicago Police Officer, shot to death as he was protecting his treasured city.

The national newscasts give details on 17 people killed.  And more are in the hospital clinging to their lives.

Survivor’s guilt sets in

At my desk this morning I'm greeted with love notes from my daughter, pinned to my board.  And a co-worker gifts her Saltines crackers to me.  Such a small treat, but with voluminous meaning of friendship.


Why Couldn't I Do Anything To Stop It

Do you ever think back to exactly what you were doing at those moments?

And do you think to yourself… If only I could stop time?  Or magically stop the perpetrators.  Then all would be fine. And everyone would go about their lives.

Why couldn’t I have stopped the world, changed my position on Earth that day, and somehow halted the violent actions?

Instead, when the officer was shot, I was eating my brown bag lunch just 1.5 blocks away. Sipping coffee, staring out the window at just another day. Making plans in my head for the forthcoming weekend.
And down the street there was chaos and death.

Yesterday my friend and I enjoyed lunch at a local deli.  The atmosphere was cheerful and innocuous.  The weather felt almost spring-like, as the temperatures were in the 40’s, melting the snow.  We left the restaurant, hopping over huge puddles in the parking lot.

And at the same time in Florida someone was shooting.

Sullen Moods

Our sulkiness and today’s pallor will lift.  The morbid feelings must finally dissipate if we are to continue being productive.

For most of us it will dispel sooner.   And for others, the heavy, gloomy fog will stay for a very long time.

Sadly, there’s no way for us to erase it.


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