The Joys of Pizza

My blog is partially premised on a well-known fact: the mark of a decent pizza is based on how well it holds up for breakfast the next day.

It’s a profound statement, I know…

Friends sent me a link recently, cementing my theory:  Pizza is a healthier breakfast than most cereals.

The article notes a dietician’s sage advice that pizza can be a healthier choice than typical processed food options.  Pizza has less sugar than many breakfast cereals.  Plus its protein can help to control hunger until the next meal.  The ingredients in a pizza can cover the major food groups.

Well said! I concur.

Pizza Reigns

Pizza is comfort food after a long day– especially when coupled with a cold beer.  And pizza is often the go-to item when we’re at a loss on what to eat.

Sbarro Pizza

Sbarro Pizza was our dinner choice more than once when my daughter and I first visited New York City.  It wasn’t a very creative resolution, but we had no time to waste searching for restaurants.  We were having too much fun enjoying the sights.

Sbarro had a tiny restaurant wedged in between older office buildings.  The employees were friendly, even though they raised their brows when I requested pasta without sauce and instead loaded with roasted vegetables.

The restroom was down a narrow stairwell.  The lighting was dim, the stairs rickety, and the walls were filled with churlish greetings.  It was the type of place where the idea of getting mugged outweighed the need for nature calling.  No worries there.  In my mind, the scene was the epitome of a true New York vacation.

After a quick meal, my daughter and I had more free time to visit the Empire State Building.  We finally made it to the 86th floor main deck at 10:00 p.m. on a gorgeous summer evening.  The dark sky, stars and illuminated skyscrapers were an electrifying sensation.  It seemed as though I was on top of the world and I felt entirely connected to the city’s palpable energy.

That being said, the Empire State Building's outdoor observation deck and Sbarro are two things I’d highly recommend.


Pizza Continues To Be A Stalwart Friend

A few times a year I head to the State of Illinois building for a lunch break.  And there in the lower-level food court is Sbarro, is the ever-present standby, ready to offer its customers a tasty meal at a reasonable price.  Its offerings are classic: pizza, breadsticks, salads and pasta.  The traditional food choices give one a sense of security – a much-needed relief in our overwhelming world.  It’s a perfect excuse to destroy a healthy diet.


I’m always greeted by the same smiling workers:

“If you’re ready, please step around,” the cashier calls out

“What are you having today?” asks the fella manning the ovens.

“Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow!” he winks.

I wonder if they trained in New York, where flirting is customary.


Once again, the Joy of Pizza is inspiring and profound.

As I walk away with my pizza and pop (that’s Midwestern lingo), I have inspiration to write another juicy post about the Joys of Pizza.

Have I convinced you yet on its positive virtues?

Go. Eat Pizza. Be Happy.  Read and subscribe to Pizza For Breakfast.

You’ll thank me in the end.


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