Super Bowl XX - Thanks For The Memories

Last night our manager posed another Blogapalooz-Hour topic:  Unfortunately, I was already tucked in my bed on a cold winter’s night when I reached out for my phone to check messages.

There it was.. the January, 2018 topic:  "Write about your favorite Super Bowl memory."

And I ignored it. Sleep beckoned.  Plus, I had microwaved my heating pad and the foot of my bed was toasty warm.  I wasn’t about to get up and start writing. Football schmootball.  Boring.

As my brother will tell everyone:  "Heidi is no fan of football."

With all that said, I’m using this morning to quickly write – in no more than 60 minutes – my favorite Super Bowl memories.


Heck, most likely my only Super Bowl memories.


1985 Chicago Bears



Naturally, it’s the 1985 Chicago Bears when the team won Super Bowl XX in January 1986.  As a non-football fan, I still recall the spectacular event and the invasive spirit that permeated our city.

The team was a classic.  Walter Payton and Jim McMahon ruled the field and our hearts all season long.

We loved Mike Ditka's gruffness -- underneath he was a lovable teddy bear to us Chicagoans.

William Perry, Dan Hampton and Keith Van Horne were happy to help out as well.

And didn’t they all look irresistible singing and dancing to the Super Bowl Shuffle?

That song played in our heads all winter long.  The Chicago Bears took a bitter cold January and converted it into one celebratory month.

They were Monsters of the Midway.

Super Bowl fever was everywhere in the city.  We didn’t even entertain a question of whether or not they would win.  We knew they would.  It was simply a matter of waiting for the big day.

We watched the game at our newly wed friends’ apartment.  The husband taped “72” in large letters on their kitchen refrigerator.   The ubiquitous Shuffle song played in the background.


Naturally, the Chicago Bears won.  Don’t ask me the score.  I’m no football fan.

But several days thereafter I stood on LaSalle street with co-workers and friends, braving the bone-chilling temperatures while waiting for our beloved team to parade past us.

We shuffled our feet against the freezing pavement, while our heads and faces were disguised with woolen mufflers. Unfortunately, the parade ran late, and we had to return to our desk jobs without catching a glimpse of the players.  We watched the highlights that evening on the news and relived the great moments once again.

And that’s how the Chicago Bears transformed a bitter cold January into the hottest month ever.

Thanks for the memories.


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