Winter is NOT Fun - There... I Said It

I was going to write a nice piece about books and newspapers and their importance.  And I still will.  But today’s post is a rant.  A rant about CHICAGO WINTER.

Winter is NOT Fun

Because I think we all lie about it.  Each year we come up with the same excuses:

It’s no big deal.
I can handle it.
35 degrees is a heat wave. Coats are for sissies!
I like slipping on ice. I truly do.
Shoveling can be fun.
Bitter cold wind is refreshing.

LIES.  They are all BIG FAT LIES.


Sure, it looks rather pretty here. But you're missing the point. photo:

And So It Goes...

And that’s where I was today, waiting for the Metra train. My legs were colder than icicles. I went without an extra layer since the news forecasted temps in the 20’s. What was I thinking??

Others are angry as well. We sit glumly on the bus and train. Yesterday I had a (slight) altercation with a fellow commuter in the parking lot.

“Are you going to move?!” she cried out.

“I’m workin’ on it,” I growled back. “You got half a parking lot to park in and you have to pick the slot that I’m standing in?”

It was either suck it all in and be trapped between two tightly parked cars… or leap into a snowbank on my other side.  Neither option was appealing.

Outrageous behavior (on her part of course).  I grumbled the rest of the way in, slipping and flapping my arms as I nearly fell onto the icy platform.

Now that I think about it, she must have been angry at winter as well.

And I can’t fault her for that.

Indeed, I forgive her.

Because winter stinks.

For another Chicago winter story - minus the vulgarity - click here.  It's a more cheerful one, I assure you.

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