For the Sake of Everything

Today I'm swapping out my regular post for one from 2016.  Because I left the newspaper at home this morning and instead brought a book to read on the commute.  On a day like today, the news is too difficult take.  And since I have no profound words that will make our world better or put a stop to violent acts, I'm simply relying on a re-run. 

Please enjoy a post from Nov 2016 that deals with divisiveness.  Still valid one year later during these trying times...

The 2016 Presidential Election brought about a lot of angst, which continued to grow after the final votes and decision. I wanted to find a way in which to curtail my own anxious thoughts and perhaps bring the commotion down (at least within my own tiny environment) to a more manageable point. When searching for a solution to a problem, I often turn to similar situations I’ve experienced in the past to find examples of coping. This time I didn’t have to hunt far as I realize we individuals have to manage interaction on a daily basis.

Getting Along With Others

How many times have we agreed to disagree just for the sake of one another? We often make a small type of concession simply for the well-being of our marriages, family relations, friends, and our co-workers. Often it’s best to say our piece and then let it rest, simply in order to have peace. We may not even notice how much of this we practice, as it’s become a habit in order to maintain good relations.

I recently took a work-related course entitled “Increasing Personal Effectiveness.” There we learned the strengths of all different personality types and how to best communicate with others. It reminded us to respect one another’s opinions and then we can best negotiate for successful solutions. Logically, the same approach can be used in our personal lives as we navigate the upcoming holiday visits, where there will be differences in opinions – no matter what the issue.

Family Time

dave-and-billWe fret and dig in our heels: “I won’t go!” But somehow we always find ourselves seated at the Thanksgiving table – some of us already cringing at the thought of heated family arguments over timely topics.

Eat, argue, repeat. It’s a long-held tradition for my own family. Along with card games and watching movies, we habitually debate at the dinner table. My relatives volley steadfast opinions across the table at one another in the hopes that someone will bite. They always do. And it’s always loud.

We discuss our concerns and attempt a good faith effort to listen to each other. There’s always discord but at least we’ve met for an exchange of ideas. In the end, we relish one another’s company, although we’d never admit it.

Save Room For Dessert

At least we all have one focus: which type of pie shall we have? With whipped cream or without? At last we found a common core. When I attempt to make sense of our current divisiveness, I’ll look to that delicious finale and pray.

It’s worth it for the sake of everything, including pie.


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