Total Eclipse of the TV

The call came in at 7:04 this morning. It was so quiet in our house, we could hear the early morning birds chirping and the sound of traffic off in the distance.

It was the Abt Service Department calling to confirm our appointment today between the hours of Noon and 2:00 p.m.  Our 3-month old television set hasn’t been working since Thursday, August 3 at approximately 6:35 p.m.   For we had experienced a Total Eclipse of the TV.


Our TV sits and waits

For nearly three weeks we’ve gone without television. At first, we didn’t think it was a big deal. The repairman arrived the first Saturday but realized a whole new mother board was required. A week later, we were told the wrong board was ordered, and we were forced to wait another 10 days for the parts.

The Positives

At first we believed no television for several days might be enjoyable. There would be no distressing news broadcasts. We could catch up on our reading, and spend time together as a family. Perhaps I could lose some weight by not mindlessly snacking in front on the TV. We would take evening strolls by beautiful Lake Katherine and enjoy nature.

It actually sound charming.

Local talent fills our empty lives

Local talent at Fox's Pizza fills our empty lives

Reality Sets In

Day 3 gets scary

Day 3 gets scary

1. We miss the Chicago newscasts – protests, shootings, presidential blunders, and all.
2. We ran out of things to say to each other by the second evening.
3. We need to renew our library cards.
4. I gained 3 pounds.
5. Nature walks include mosquitos.
6. Having no television is definitely not charming.


Everything is in place to have the television repaired. Our daughter has returned from a trip to St. Louis to view Totality. She promised to be home to let the repairman in. A pathway is cleared from the front door to the family room where the TV rests. And the repairman promises he has the correct parts this second time around.

And, with any luck, the Total Eclipse of the TV will not reappear again until 2024.

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