Swapping Recipes With a 19-Year-Old - Food Series 2017

I was working late shift the other night at my law firm and knocked on the office door of a young associate who needed assistance.  As I started asking him for documents, the words in my mouth started coming out in slow motion.  I realized this attorney – Andrew – was the same young college student I had worked with in 2008 and 2009.  Here he was, all grown up and working as a lawyer.

I was dumbfounded.  Where had the years gone?

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Summer in Chicago

That first summer Andrew filled in as a clerical assistant at my law firm while on break from college.  I had the good fortune to be assigned as his mentor and show him the ropes – such as how to prepare pleadings for court filings and appease demanding attorneys.

Andrew was easy to talk to and obligingly laughed at my jokes.  We lamented over having to work inside during the summer months, rolled our eyes over office politics and discussed life in general.

And, like most people, we discussed food, i.e. “what’s for lunch today?”  He once complained over the fact that someone had swiped his brown bag lunch from the office pantry – delicious leftovers from the dinner his mom made the night before.

As I shared these memories with him, Andrew remarked that I had a fine recall for details, especially since 9 years have passed.  I reminded him that it was the same summer he filled in for my dear friend and co-worker who was battling cancer at that time. It was the year my daughter graduated grade school and was looking forward to attending Whitney M. Young High School.  It was the first summer I dated my fella – who later became my husband.

It was just a nice feeling to catch up with him and see that Andrew was thriving.

Before I started writing today I asked myself:  How does this story relate to anything? It doesn’t.  This tale is nothing extraordinary or profound.

But he made a dent in my life.  He was there when I was losing my co-worker to cancer and allowed me to grieve.  It was tough that summer to work without her, and he made it bearable.

Can this anecdote in some way relate to my Food Series 2017?  Sure, since we even swapped recipes.  See recipe from Andrew attached.andrew-recipe

Does my story have a purpose?  Yes it does.  A nice young man went on to be a hard-working attorney and is also a recent newlywed.  It gives me purpose to write about a 20-year-old who kept me sane while at work.  Andrew is honorable and an earnest worker.  Plus he shares killer pasta recipes.  What more can a girl ask for?


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