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Medical testing on dogs must stop

I hate the fact that I’m about to say this: I was right. I know, I know. I usually love to be right. But goddamn it, not this time. I’ll explain. A couple years ago, about a month before the lilliputian-fingered, orange-tinged shitbagel-in-chief was elected president, I wrote about how electing said lilliputian-fingered, orange-tinged shitbagel... Read more »

It's time for a new fall holiday

Fall is in the air. That’s right. Tis the season for colorful leaves, sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and Facebook feeds dominated by David S. Pumpkins. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan of fall. I love fall beers. I love fall weather. But let’s not kid ourselves — fall doesn’t generally change from one year... Read more »

A legal victory for dogs in Springfield

Divorce can be as hard on the four-legged family members involved as it can be on the two-legged ones. Think about it. All of a sudden, one or more of the people who have been around all the time, perhaps even from the time the dog was a puppy, is gone. The dog may have... Read more »

Another dog lover's dating dilemma: Should I bring my dog on a first date?

Some months ago, I went on a first date. By most accounts, it was a normal first date. Drinks and food at some hipstery spot in Logan Square. But this one was a little different. Most of my dates involve me and the other person and that’s about it. This time was a bit different.... Read more »

Dogs are not disposable and puppies are not presents

There’s a disturbing new trend emerging in Ireland. The Irish Examiner first reported it last week: Adult dogs are being given up to shelters and pounds for no reason other than the fact that they’re full grown. And why is that causing people to give up their dogs? Because we’re coming up on Christmas and... Read more »

"Debarking" dogs is cruel, inhumane and wrong

Dogs bark. Some bark a little. Some bark a lot. Some bark incessantly. But all of them bark. And incessant barking can become a nuisance. But often, it can be mitigated via training and management. An appeals court in Oregon doesn’t seem to understand this. The court of appeals has upheld a previous ruling that... Read more »

Drones are no substitute for actually walking your dog

Drones are no substitute for actually walking your dog
I’m usually all for things that make it easier to care for your dog. But one new piece of technology just goes too far. Drones Direct — based in Huddersfield, which is in West Yorkshire, England — has modified one of its drone models to walk your dog along a preprogrammed GPS route. According to... Read more »

I'm back!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been too long. It’s been almost exactly six months since my last post. That’s way too long. And I’m sorry. I had my reasons for the extended hiatus. Some are good reasons – getting a new job, doing a whole lot more training, working all the time. Some are not good... Read more »

In defense of dogs in stores

Being a responsible dog owner, at least in my mind, means that you have to know your dog and what it can handle. If a dog can’t handle a situation, you shouldn’t put your dog in that situation. My fellow ChicagoNow blogger Howard Moore, author of I’ve Got the Hippy Shakes, recently lamented what he... Read more »

Conversations with my dog: mattress shopping

Shopping for furniture when you live by yourself is easy. You just have to find things you like and that are useful and buy them. If you want, you can make sure everything goes together, but it’s not necessary. All you have to know is that you like all your furniture and it suits your... Read more »