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Pawternity leave comes to the U.S.

Pawternity leave comes to the U.S.
Given the sociopolitical reality in which we currently reside here in the United States, you’d be hard-pressed to find any reason to make the case that this country is becoming more civilized. But I think I found one. A Minneapolis company is giving workers a new perk — the option to work from home for a... Read more »

Dog training and the importance of switching gears

One of the most important thing a dog trainer can do is plan. Whether it’s a group class or a private lesson, you have to have a plan. Training requires a plan because it builds on itself and having a plan is helpful just to make sure you’re doing certain things in the best or... Read more »

It's over ... and now everything can begin

ChicagoNow’s fearless leader, Jimmy, likes to suggest that if you haven’t blogged for a while and then crank out a post, you shouldn’t apologize or draw attention to it. You should just blog as if you never took an extended break. But I’m going to ignore that advice now. I haven’t blogged – at least... Read more »

Dog lover's dating dilemma 2: Should I break up with my significant other because of disagreements over training techniques?

Welcome to the second installment of what I’m hoping will be a fun series: “Dog-lovers’ dating dilemmas.” In the series kickoff, I explored the question of how dog-owners navigate the world of sleepovers while dating. After all, one owner claimed, dating a dog owner basically means you can’t sleep over at their place because you... Read more »