"Debarking" dogs is cruel, inhumane and wrong

Dogs bark. Some bark a little. Some bark a lot. Some bark incessantly. But all of them bark. And incessant barking can become a nuisance. But often, it can be mitigated via training and management. An appeals court in Oregon doesn’t seem to understand this. The court of appeals has upheld a previous ruling that... Read more »

Warm weather reminder: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A PARKED CAR!

Summer is one of the best times of year to be a dog owner. Being outside with your dog is one of the greatest parts of the summer. And Chicago is one of the greatest cities for being outside with your dog. There are a ton of dog-friendly parks. There’s the Montrose dog beach if... Read more »

What the kidnapping of 7 dogs can teach us about keeping our pups safe from the cold

Mochi, Scarlet, Brad Pitt, Jadyn, Busy and Kayla are six of Chicago’s luckiest pups today. These six dogs, along with one other as-yet unidentified dog, were in a van belonging to the dog-walking and pet care service Urban Out Sitters Wednesday afternoon. They were being taken from an Urban Out Sitters facility back to their... Read more »