Conversations with my dog: mattress shopping

Shopping for furniture when you live by yourself is easy. You just have to find things you like and that are useful and buy them. If you want, you can make sure everything goes together, but it’s not necessary. All you have to know is that you like all your furniture and it suits your... Read more »

Shower beer still needs to be GOOD beer

I’ve written before extolling the virtues of shower beer. And I still believe in them. Shower beer is still one of the greatest luxuries in life and I truly believe that if you’re a beer fan, you should occasionally enjoy a cold beer in a hot shower. That said, a crappy beer consumed in the... Read more »

It's over ... and now everything can begin

ChicagoNow’s fearless leader, Jimmy, likes to suggest that if you haven’t blogged for a while and then crank out a post, you shouldn’t apologize or draw attention to it. You should just blog as if you never took an extended break. But I’m going to ignore that advice now. I haven’t blogged – at least... Read more »
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A Donald Trump presidency could be dangerous for your dog

A Donald Trump presidency could be dangerous for your dog
It’s not often that a presidential election could have a direct detrimental effect on your dog’s health. But this election is anything but ordinary. Folks, there are many reasons to not vote for Donald Trump in November. And I am here to provide another. You see, a Trump presidency could be very dangerous for your... Read more »

Would you change your dog's name for a kid?

Let’s say you adopt a dog. And let’s say you name that dog Felix. And let’s say you, as the proud new puppy parent, post lots of pictures of Felix on Facebook. Now let’s say your sister-in-law sees those pictures and says she plans to use the name Felix for her child and you have... Read more »

In defense of crappy beer

One of the questions beer nerds love to ask other beer nerds is “What’s your favorite beer”. Beer nerds love to talk about beer and that question always presents a great opportunity to show off your beer nerd street cred. You can pull out all your million dollar beer vocabulary words and make yourself sound... Read more »

Why it's a REALLY BAD IDEA to play Pokemon Go while walking a dog

Walking a dog is not a simple task. Not only do you have to be able to successfully control the dog, you have to be acutely aware of your surroundings and how they may affect the dog’s behavior and safety. For the safety of yourself and the dog, you must be totally aware and have your... Read more »

Hey Amazon: Don't encourage bad dog etiquette

If you’ve been watching TV of late, odds are you’ve come across this commercial from By the way, this is the Japanese version of the commercial, by the way. The version airing in the United States is exactly the same except the text on the screen at the end is in English, rather than... Read more »

Hey David Muir! Bad behavior toward dogs is not cute; it's dangerous.

Did you watch ABC World News Tonight on Wednesday? No? That’s ok. Nobody watches TV news anymore. But I happened to be watching it. And this was the last segment: At first blush, it’s a heartwarming story. Neighbors of a young boy catch the boy sneaking into their garage repeatedly to give their dog a... Read more »

Proposed California dog safety law is one that all dogs need

I’ve written before about how dangerous hot weather can be for dogs and how you should never ever ever ever ever EVER leave your dog in a hot car. And slowly, states are starting to pass laws that recognize the dangers dogs face from heat. In fact, according to BarkPost, 16 states have laws on the... Read more »