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I'm back!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been too long. It’s been almost exactly six months since my last post. That’s way too long. And I’m sorry. I had my reasons for the extended hiatus. Some are good reasons – getting a new job, doing a whole lot more training, working all the time. Some are not good... Read more »

In defense of dogs in stores

Being a responsible dog owner, at least in my mind, means that you have to know your dog and what it can handle. If a dog can’t handle a situation, you shouldn’t put your dog in that situation. My fellow ChicagoNow blogger Howard Moore, author of I’ve Got the Hippy Shakes, recently lamented what he... Read more »

Shower beer still needs to be GOOD beer

I’ve written before extolling the virtues of shower beer. And I still believe in them. Shower beer is still one of the greatest luxuries in life and I truly believe that if you’re a beer fan, you should occasionally enjoy a cold beer in a hot shower. That said, a crappy beer consumed in the... Read more »

In defense of crappy beer

One of the questions beer nerds love to ask other beer nerds is “What’s your favorite beer”. Beer nerds love to talk about beer and that question always presents a great opportunity to show off your beer nerd street cred. You can pull out all your million dollar beer vocabulary words and make yourself sound... Read more »

Andrew Gill reflects on Strange Brews

When Tim Akimoff first told Andrew Gill about his idea for the Strange Brews podcast, the concept was very simple: just do a beer podcast. “The show was kind of started without a real plan,” said Gill, whose run as co-host of the show is getting set to wrap up. Robert Feder reported Wednesday morning... Read more »

WBEZ cancels Strange Brews podcast

Sad news from the world of craft beer podcasting. Robert Feder reported this morning that WBEZ has canceled the Strange Brews podcast, which has been produced since late July 2013.  In that time, 75 episodes of what the hosts jokingly refer to as the world’s only public radio podcast about craft beer have been released. Co-host... Read more »

La-beer Day 2015

La-beer Day 2015
La-beer Day is an annual tradition my buddy David and I started a couple years back. It’s a simple concept: On Labor Day, we travel to acquire and sample beer. In the past, our adventure has been to Bent River Brewing Co. in the Quad Cities because traditionally, Labor Day has been the day they... Read more »

A La-beer Day celebration

Hi, folks. Just a quick post tonight to let you all know about something very cool. Tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading this) is Labor Day. And I have a Labor Day tradition that I want to share with you: My annual La-beer Day Beer Tour. First, a little history. On Labor Day... Read more »

And now for something ... completely different

Folks, I’m sorry for not blogging for a few weeks. It’s inexcusable. I will do what I can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And I have to give a heads-up: This post is not about beer or dogs. But it’s the post I need to publish at this moment, so please bear with... Read more »

If you're not drinking beer in the shower, you're not showering correctly

It’s hard to improve on a great shower. I’m not talking about your every-morning-before-work shower. No, I’m talking about a truly great shower. I mean the shower you take when you have a day off of work and you have no plans at all. I’m talking about a shower on a lazy Sunday morning before... Read more »