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Medical testing on dogs must stop

I hate the fact that I’m about to say this: I was right. I know, I know. I usually love to be right. But goddamn it, not this time. I’ll explain. A couple years ago, about a month before the lilliputian-fingered, orange-tinged shitbagel-in-chief was elected president, I wrote about how electing said lilliputian-fingered, orange-tinged shitbagel... Read more »

A legal victory for dogs in Springfield

Divorce can be as hard on the four-legged family members involved as it can be on the two-legged ones. Think about it. All of a sudden, one or more of the people who have been around all the time, perhaps even from the time the dog was a puppy, is gone. The dog may have... Read more »

"Debarking" dogs is cruel, inhumane and wrong

Dogs bark. Some bark a little. Some bark a lot. Some bark incessantly. But all of them bark. And incessant barking can become a nuisance. But often, it can be mitigated via training and management. An appeals court in Oregon doesn’t seem to understand this. The court of appeals has upheld a previous ruling that... Read more »

A Donald Trump presidency could be dangerous for your dog

A Donald Trump presidency could be dangerous for your dog
It’s not often that a presidential election could have a direct detrimental effect on your dog’s health. But this election is anything but ordinary. Folks, there are many reasons to not vote for Donald Trump in November. And I am here to provide another. You see, a Trump presidency could be very dangerous for your... Read more »

Proposed California dog safety law is one that all dogs need

I’ve written before about how dangerous hot weather can be for dogs and how you should never ever ever ever ever EVER leave your dog in a hot car. And slowly, states are starting to pass laws that recognize the dangers dogs face from heat. In fact, according to BarkPost, 16 states have laws on the... Read more »