Medical testing on dogs must stop

I hate the fact that I'm about to say this:

I was right.

I know, I know. I usually love to be right. But goddamn it, not this time. I'll explain.

A couple years ago, about a month before the lilliputian-fingered, orange-tinged shitbagel-in-chief was elected president, I wrote about how electing said lilliputian-fingered, orange-tinged shitbagel to the most powerful political office on the planet could be very dangerous for your dog. For nearly two years, however, my prediction didn't come true. But sadly, it looks like it has.

A story published in USA Today a few days back reveals that the Department of Veterans Affairs is conducting invasive and, sadly, fatal medical experiments and tests on dogs as part of the department's medical research program. The experiments and tests are being done, despite criticism from members of Congress, veterans' groups and animal advocacy organizations.

From the USA Today story:

"In Milwaukee, the experiments call for researchers to remove sections of dogs’ brains to test neurons that control breathing before the animals are killed by lethal injection, research records show.

In Cleveland, tests involve using electrodes on dogs’ spinal cords to measure cough reflexes before and after severing the cords.

In Richmond, Va., experiments include implanting pacemakers in dogs, then inducing abnormal heart rhythms and running the animals on treadmills to test cardiac function before euthanizing them by injection or draining their blood."

At first blush, it's hard to see how the aforementioned shitbagel-in-chief is responsible for this. But read a little further. A spokesperson for the VA said that the experiments were approved by former VA secretary David Shulkin, a claim which Shulkin denies. Though Shulkin, who was appointed by former president Barack Obama, was fired by the current president, USA Today has found out that the experiments are set to continue under the new VA secretary, who was most definitely appointed by the current occupant of the White House. From USA Today:

"Revelations that the tests are set to continue under new VA Secretary Robert Wilkie are sure to trigger a fresh round of debate. The records reviewed by USA Today show there are nine active experiments at four VA facilities, and more are likely in the future."

This is how Chester feels about experimenting on dogs.

This is how Chester feels about experimenting on dogs.

Though the VA claims that these experiments "could lead to discoveries that may help veterans with heart conditions or breathing problems," when pressed on the issue, the agency revealed that the most recent breakthroughs resulting from research/experimentation on dogs were in the 1960s. So why, then, are the experiments set to continue?

If you're still unclear on how the current White House occupant is responsible, I'll explain. He appointed the VA secretary. Ergo, the VA secretary reports and answers to him. The shitbagel in the White House can fire the VA secretary at will, so the VA secretary needs to kiss his ass and not make waves if he wants to keep his job. Additionally, he could order the VA secretary to end the experiments on dogs or he could issue an executive order — something he has proven quite fond of — to end them. Ultimately, this starts and ends with him.

This. Needs. To. Stop. There is no reason that the VA needs to experiment on dogs. The experiments have not resulted in anything even potentially medically helpful in half a century.

Sadly, I don't expect the cockwomble in the White House to do anything to stop these experiments. So what can be done? Well, the most effective thing would be for Congress to pass legislation ending the experiments. But with our current congressional makeup? Unlikely.

Luckily, there's an election on Tuesday, which means we have the chance to change the makeup of Congress. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE. And after the election, tell whoever represents you in Congress that you demand they introduce legislation to end the use of dogs in medical experiments. Let them know that their jobs depend on it, as do the lives of many innocent dogs.

I'll say it agin: VOTE. It's not often you can say that your vote could save a lot of lives, but this is no ordinary election. So vote. Lives depend on it.

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