Shower beer still needs to be GOOD beer

I've written before extolling the virtues of shower beer. And I still believe in them. Shower beer is still one of the greatest luxuries in life and I truly believe that if you're a beer fan, you should occasionally enjoy a cold beer in a hot shower.

That said, a crappy beer consumed in the shower is still a crappy beer.

A Swedish brewery has created a beer specifically designed to drink in the shower. The beer (which is called, appropriately, Shower Beer), according to the article, is a hefty 10 percent alcohol by volume. Instead of a normal 12 ounces, it's packaged in six-ounce containers so that it can be consumed in a shorter amount of time.

But this bit is what really got me:

"According to the brewer responsible for the idea, PangPang founder Fredrik Tunedal, the beer has a soapy flavor to it, meant to compliment the literal soapy suds around you.

'I let the Shower Beer sit longer in the primary fermenter before dry hopping and cold crashing it, compared to other PangPang beers,' Tunedal told Vice. 'This lets it develop a soapy flavor that in some beers is considered an off flavor, but is just on point for the Shower Beer.'"

Ok, so let's break this down. What we have here is a small container of beer that's high in alcohol but has what the brewer admits is usually considered an "off" and "soapy" flavor. Nothing about that sounds appealing to me. I want my beer including my shower beer to taste like beer. I don't want it to taste like soap.

Beyond that, Shower Beer misses the point of showering with beer. The point of having a beer in the  shower is not to get drunk quickly. It's to linger under the hot water, enjoying the contrast between the heat of the shower and the cold of the beer. Your average, everyday, getting-ready-for-work-or-bed shower isn't an occasion for shower beer.

And above all, whatever beer you drink in the shower needs to be a GOOD beer. It needs to be a beer you'd drink any time, as opposed to one you're only going to drink in the shower.

Now, if you really think Shower Beer is good beer and would be likely to drink it in non-showering situations, by all means, make it your shower beer. But just remember that calling itself Shower Beer does not a great shower beer make.

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