A Donald Trump presidency could be dangerous for your dog

A Donald Trump presidency could be dangerous for your dog
Chester fears a Trump presidency.

It's not often that a presidential election could have a direct detrimental effect on your dog's health. But this election is anything but ordinary.

Folks, there are many reasons to not vote for Donald Trump in November. And I am here to provide another. You see, a Trump presidency could be very dangerous for your dog.

Chester knows that food safety requirements are necessary.

Chester knows that food safety requirements are necessary.

In an outline of his economic plan posted on his website (that was later pulled down), according to The Hill, Trump referred to the "FDA [Food and Drug Administration] Food Police" and proposed eliminating many food safety regulations, including rules governing the soil farmers use and rules regarding farm and food production hygiene. That's right. Donald Trump wants to eliminate food production hygiene and food temperature requirements because they're expensive.

Trump also referred to the fact that the FDA regulates dog food nutritional content requirements and cites that as a reason to roll back regulations. But how could Trump's proposal ACTUALLY affect dogs? Well, the FDA does indeed regulate dog food. And those regulations are what keep dog food producers from engaging in practices that could potentially result in poisoned food being sold in stores.

In fact, according to the Daily Beast, "Eleven of the 23 pet food recalls by the FDA since September of last year pulled chow off shelves due to food poisoned by listeria and salmonella."

Long story short - if Trump is allowed to take the White House in November, your dog's health could be in jeopardy sooner than later. If he pushes his proposals through, regulations that keep pet stores from selling food that could kill your dog could be gone and you'll have no way of determining whether the food you're giving your beloved pet is safe to eat.

We shouldn't be surprised at Trump's callous attitude toward our furry friends. As Keith Olbermann points out, there's no evidence Donald Trump has ever had a pet or cared for an animal in any way.

So when I say a Trump presidency could be very dangerous for your dog, I'm not kidding.

By the way, Trump isn't the only candidate who might put your dog's health in danger if elected. Libertarian Gary Johnson has said he would eliminate numerous federal agencies if presented with legislation to do so. He never specifically suggests he'd get rid of the Food and Drug Administration, but he doesn't rule it out.

With all that in mind, the editorial board of Pints and Pups (which consists of me and Chester) has decided to offer its first (but perhaps not last) presidential endorsement. The only candidate whose presidency most definitely will not jeopardize the health of your dog is Hillary Clinton. She is hereby endorsed.

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