Would you change your dog's name for a kid?

Let's say you adopt a dog. And let's say you name that dog Felix. And let's say you, as the proud new puppy parent, post lots of pictures of Felix on Facebook.

Now let's say your sister-in-law sees those pictures and says she plans to use the name Felix for her child and you have to change the dog's name and oh, by the way, she's now pregnant and you can't tell anyone.

Do you change the dog's name?

If you're me, or most normal dog owners, the answer is simple: Hell no.

But a writer to Slate.com's "Dear Prudence" column asked that very question recently. And Prudence agrees with my response. But the column brings up an interesting question.

Let's forget for a minute about the fact that the sister-in-law in the column is the mayor of Crazytown and a manipulative freakshow of a human. What if a normal, well-adjusted person who you love happens to really want to use your dog's name as their child's name and doesn't want their child to share the name with your dog? Do you change the dog's name?

I'd still say no. But that's me. I'd say that if my relative wants their child to have the name I have given my dog, the child can share the name.

I'm curious, though, what you all think. Would you even consider changing your dog's name for a relative? Respond with a comment here or if you prefer, let me hear your opinions via Facebook or Twitter. However you get hold of me, I want to hear from you.

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