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If you're not drinking beer in the shower, you're not showering correctly

It’s hard to improve on a great shower. I’m not talking about your every-morning-before-work shower. No, I’m talking about a truly great shower. I mean the shower you take when you have a day off of work and you have no plans at all. I’m talking about a shower on a lazy Sunday morning before... Read more »

Tying up your dog outside while you drink in a bar is not ok!

Ok, everyone. I shouldn’t have to tell you this. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone this. But apparently I do. So listen and listen really damn well, because I do not want to say this again. Tying up your dog while you go into a bar and drink is not ok. Let me repeat: TYING... Read more »

Happy Scare the Crap Out of Your Dog Day!

My apologies to The Oatmeal for stealing the title of this post, but it’s too apropos not to. Tomorrow is Independence Day. It’s when we celebrate the formal declaration of this country’s independence from Great Britain through grilling and consuming various kinds of delicious animal flesh, drinking copious amounts of booze and setting off fireworks.... Read more »