3 Floyds gets political

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The news tonight starts in Munster, Ind., where 3 Floyds Brewing Co. has teamed up with Indianapolis-based Sun King Brewing to try and get state lawmakers to lift a production cap and allow them to sell more beer in their home state. Currently, according to the Jefferson (Ind.) News and Tribune, small breweries can produce an unlimited amount of beer for sale, but if they produce more than 30,000 barrels annually, "they must forfeit their popular tasting rooms, on-site restaurants and ability to self-distribute."

3 Floyds and Sun King are the only breweries in Indiana that come close to that 30,000 barrel mark.

In addition to supporting lobbying efforts, 3 Floyds and Sun King have also created a beer - a doppelkolsch they're calling Slacktivist - to support the cause. You can find more information at http://supportindianabrewers.com/.

Closer to home, Chicago-based Berghoff Beer is thinking spring with the release of their spring seasonal, Rockin'Bock Rye + Wheat. I have to say, though I'm not the world's biggest Berghoff fan, this one sounds pretty tasty. It's described as a combination of a hefeweizen and a maibock with "just a little richness balanced by a sweetly spicy middle quickly changing to a crisp, dry spicy/fruity finish and a long, spicy aftertaste." Sounds like a good spring beer.

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