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DNC2012 and the Reemergence of Bill Clinton

DNC2012 and the Reemergence of Bill Clinton
A few years ago, Bill Clinton broke my heart.  I won’t rehash the details but it involved Ted Kennedy, an unfortunate conversation, and a heart wrenching presidential primary season. I recall going to my bookshelf and picking up his autobiography.  I held it over the garbage can with shaking hands. “Damn you Bill! Damn You!... Read more »

Why I'm a Republican in my head but a Democrat in my heart: A Love Story

Hello. My name is…well that really doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am a conflicted American. You see, I am a Democrat.  I am a Democrat, in part, because my parents are democrats, and their parents were democrats, and their parents – well… if they were able to vote, probably would have been Republicans... Read more »
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    Kay Smith is a Chicago-based freelance writer and blogger who focuses on race, politics and urban culture. Having worked on public policy at the state, regional, city and community level, her opinions have been featured in the Chicago SunTimes and a host of news websites (under very mysterious sounding pseudonyms). Follow her on Twitter @kaywillsmith or contact her at

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